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Originally Posted by stevewhyles
Hi,new here so please have patience, I have had a problem with my N/S front window when I pressed button to open window it goes down a few inches then screeches to a stop, litterally. I visited my local renault rip off merchant and was told that it was the regulator and would cost £245 to fit shortly after a £400 servic e thats just not on and told the lady that **** Turpin had the decency to wear a mask. Any way my point!! can any techies tell me how to get the door card off so I can have a gleg, I'm an electromechanical engineer by trade and would be able to assess the situation but do not want to cause damage by forcing prizing the thing off. any info would be appreciated, my car is a laguna priveledge 02 plate ( II I think but not sure)
To get the door card off
1. remove the 3 torkx screws 2 at the bottom of the door and 1 in the door pull handle recess (under a plastic cover)
2 CAREFULLY prise off the card (its held on with small plastic pop clips and an adhesive strip) using a flat tipped screwdriver, put something between it and the paintwork bit of card/rag
3 unclip the door opener cable plastic cover and take off the cable.
4 unplug the switches, remove the switches first that is if you have the mirror switch and bank of window switches on the winder mech, they simply prise off by using a small driver to push in the locating clips. Remove the door light .
With the door card off you may find the adhesive strip has stretched so what I did was put a little line of super glue in the groove and stick the strip down and cut off the excess
5 the window mech is held on with 5 nuts (2 on each arm and 1 on the regulator/motor plate.
To remove the glass I found it easier to take off the top rubber door trim and lower the glass down. The glass is held in place on 2 plastic holders with retaining clips with lugs that go through the glass, reach in and release them by plulling the tabs off the lugs that go through the glass. Push the glass towards the door off the lugs and you should then be able to take it out through the top of the door ( keep it safe).
Undo the 5 nuts, unplug the motor unit and take out the window mech.
Replace the window mech tighten the nuts plug in the motor and lower the glass in from the top. The mech may be in a sort of mid-way psiton (on mine anyway) push the holes in the glass onto the plastic holders and replace the clips in the groove on the lugs. Replace the door opener cable in its holder and snap on the cover, plug the door light into its hole feed the wires for the switches into their holes. Replace the cables through the holes
I will be taking both rear doors apart soon to grease the mechs before they give trouble so I'll take some pics for reference
You can get relacement mechs off e bay for £110 make sure you order the correct type, 6 pin or 2 pin, 6 pin ones are fitted to cars with the anti pinch facility. This will be obvious when you take the door card off.
6 pin types are part no. 82 00 000 937 near side and 82 00 000 938 drivers side MAKE SURE BEFORE ORDERING. If anyone has a driver's side mech with a 29 pin plug (if you have electric seats) there is a simple way of fitting a 6 pin type saving mega bucks, the motor unit is basic to all type its just the regulator that differs.
I can give a contact who can supply if needed. Be quick they are in short supply!!
Hope this helps

PS there is another thread one with pics and a similar one to the above (mine) in the forum somewhere I'm sure a moderator will point you in the right direction

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