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Re: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Electric Window Problems - Regulator Repairs

Originally Posted by french bob View Post
The passenger door window was making crunching noises then stopped all together! I managed to ease the door panel a little and saw what looks like one of the cables has come away from the motor. It appears to just push in then is held by 2 plastic lugs. I just couldn't get my arm in to put it back. Though it did look rusty. So my question is how do I remove the "door opening cable" from the back of the card so I can remove it. I thought I would ask first as I will only force it in frustration. The car is a, 2002 2.2 cdi Laguna sport estate.
Taking the door card off is easy but needs care - it's held on with 3 (IIRC) screws 2 at the bottom and one in the handle recess. Then gently prise the card off (its held on with mastic). Once its off you can see the window mechanism. If the cable has snapped (usual fault) then its off to *bay to get another. If the motor is ok it's a simple swap to the new mech motor is held on with screws. Getting the glass off the old mech is a matter of patience - its held on by 2 plastic wedges. Use tape to hold it in the half open position to stop it falling to the botton of the door. Rest is just a reverse of dismantling. All this info and more is here on the forum just takes a few mins to find it.
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