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Re: Renault Scenic - Fire risk - Door mirror control

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Originally Posted by ourcar View Post
2)I have now just bought a 53 plate Scenic II and today noticed a burning smell and smoke coming from the mirror switch. Took the switch out, or at least the top half as it fell apart when I was getting it out of the door trim and saw that it had burnt out inside. The connector seems OK, but I can't really see inside the door trim as the wires attached to the switch are too short to pull it out of the hole.

Just looking at your point 2 above, it looks like the plug came apart possible because the retaining clip had already been broken by someone in the past. They really do not come apart that easily and if it were already loose, it could have been the cause of a high resistance joint that would create heat and melting.

I don't know why a lot of the 1999 early Scenic I phase II's were not recalled but RUK seem to insist these are not affected even though the switch part numbers are identical to those that catch fire. You can keep pursuing this with RUK and try to get some movement.

Not aware of issues with the Scenic II though.
The switch did actually just pull apart, but it is not broken in any way except for the burnt inside.

I bought and have just received a replacement switch and mirror off ebay . Will be fitting them tomorrow, see if it all still works.

As far as Renault insisting something is not affected by any faults, they are talking cr*p as usual.

They have no knowledge of any handbrake faults.
They have no knowledge of dashboards failing.
They have no knowledge of radios not working in the cold.
They have no knowledge of window regulators failing.

The list goes on and yet these are things that a great many people have reported.

At least the president of Toyota had the decency to acknowledge and to publicly apologise for the recent accelerator issues. They also rolled out a recall immediately.

Can't see Renault ever doing anything like that. They even charge a fee of ONLY 100 to replace their faulty dashboards after instances got so bad they had to do something about it!
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