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Re: 2000 scenic buying advice

No major problems, but usual Renault electric issues mainly.

Look for what you would look for in any car. In particular look for paint cover up around the rear arches, they are all prone to rust here.

Check everything works.
Rear wipers should auto wipe when you put it in reverse and have the front wipers on too.

Strut bearings at the front, they might creak and twang as you turn the wheel. Not major, but should be replaced if they do.

Rear shocks might knock as they are prone to snapping at the top, again not major but might give you something to haggle over.

Cambelt is due at 70k or 5 years, so if not done yet a 10 year old car is ripe. Big haggle point if not done, 400.

Rear tyres can be prone to scuffing on the edges.

Rear discs can seize a bit after rain, nothing to worry about.

Make sure steering wheel is straight when you are driving straight. The wheel only fits in one position and if it is badly out, that could indicate damage. It should be correctable by adjusting the tracking, so if it isn't I would ask why not as it could be because it is so badly out it can't be set right.

I'm sure it'll be OK, they are good cars, very spacious and adaptable. However, they are a Renault so...
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