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Originally Posted by Horatio
The worst call centre I know of is my credit card company. .... Muppets!
You're not wrong! It reminds me that my Visa card company, who shall remain nameless but they are one of the big ones, are utter muppets.

When I was in Cornwall at the beginning of August, I had my card refused for a 40 bill - I was soooo embaressed but also concerned becasue I knew I was nowhere near the barmey credit limits these companies dish out. Out comes the cash and I dashed to the car to phone them.

"We've put a temporary stop on the card because there are a couple of transactions that we wanted to check with you and you haven't contacted us to confirm them".

What transactions, how do I know I should contact you?

"We've written to you!"

Doohh!! I'm on holiday, why haven't you phoned me? Utter plonkers.

To show how ludicrous the situation really is, whilst in Spain a couple of weeks later I used the same card twice in Cash machines to withdraw 400 Euros at a time with no problem at all - if that isn't a potential fraud job I don't know what is.

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