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Angry Scenic MkII brakes, whats up with the car now

A seemingly ever increasing list of little problems with my car has just revealed another one.

The brakes work fine, although quite squishy feeling, but I noticed tonight that the pedal travel just seems to go almost to the floor if I apply constant, firm pressure to it for a few seconds.

I turned the engine off, pushed the pedal until it was hard. Started the engine, the pedal goes down. That all seems to show the servo is OK.

With the engine running, if I pump the brake it goes firmer, then falls away if I keep pressure on it.

Jabbing the pedal is often accompanied by the pedal sticking slightly as if there is very sticky blob of chewing gum on the carpet.

I would think that if the servo is failing, then I would experience a lack of assistance and a hard pedal. This is the other way around.

Fluid seems OK, no apparent leaks and no hissing noises.

On the last MOT, the front discs were described as very worn. Is this anything to do with it, I can't see why.
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