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Re: 2001 Clio 1.6 dynamique help

OK, saw the car. Not mint, but OK. £1500 for a 51 plate seemed a bit high for my liking.

The main problem is that it won't start. The dealer, a small one man band, said it had run out of petrol and they didn't have any to put in.

Odd though, when I tried to start it, it would turn over fine for about 5 seconds then stop, even though I was still turning the key. Next time I tried it wouldn't even turn over, then it would, then it wouldn't. It wouldn't fire up though, so must be completely drained of fuel.

Do they have some kind of cut off that stops the car cranking if it has no fuel?

Noticed a large rusty stain all over the gearbox and the expansion tank was stained brown too although the water was clean. It must have had a burst pipe in the past. Not good.

The oil was thick and black, so hadn't been changed in a while either.

I told my friend to leave it, there must be better out there for the money.

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