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Re: Renault Clio 2 - Rear Door Lock Problems

I've just had this issue, with a 2002 megane, it may help you out.

Couldn't open the rear offside door. It may also be good for other Renault models if they use the same door mechanisms.

The reason I couldn't open the door :- Child lock was on, external handle connection broken.

First point of attack, I found it here on the forum, is to release the child lock. You can use what ever comes to hand but I cut the longest side out of a 1 litre plastic milk carton. You need something akin which is fairly flexible, about 40 cm long and 20-30 cm wide.

Now wind down the window of the offending door, and, from the outside, slide you piece of plastic in as far as it goes, starting from just below the window. Once inserted, try the inside door handle, work your way down the door until released. It shouldn't take more than 2-3 goes.

Before you try to repair the external handle, you'll need a 4mm nut and bolt about an inch or so long. The bolt needs to have a fairly low profile head.

Repairing the outside handle: -

Remove the window winder, it should just pull off, you may need to prise it off with a wide blade screwdriver.

Next, remove the screws from the inner door handle, the door grab in the arm rest and the bottom of the door under the storage pouch. You'll need various sizes of torx drivers, allen keys may do.

Don't remove the inner door handle, you may need it if the door gets closed for whatever reason. Just feed it though the door card as you progress.

The door card is held in place with plastic lugs and mastic. You could use a wide blade screwdriver to prise off the plastic lugs, you may need a sharp knife to cut through the mastic.

Once the door card is removed, you then need to remove the outside door handle. There are a couple of holes, possibly covered with grommets on the inside of the door near the locking mechanism. Prise out the grommets, then unscrew the 2 x 10mm flanged nuts holding the door handle on. Pull the handle out, you'll probably have to pull on the catch as if opening the door to get the handle out.

Once out, look carefully at the inside of the handle, at the part which would normally point to the rear of the car, you should see a shoulder with a small hole in it, this is where the connection to the mechanism was.

Handle removed, look at the locking mechanism from the inside of the door, look at the side nearest the outer door panel. You should see what looks like a funny looking screw, about 3 inches long and it's fairly rough hewn, looks like farmer Jones made it one idle moment. It should also be pointing down.

About 2/3's up from the bottom of this screw you should see/feel (you may need to find it with your fingers) an oddly shaped spring steel attachment perhaps with a small rod poking out of one side. Unscrew this clip, all the way down until it comes away from farmer Jones doodad.

You may have to unbolt the locking mechanism just to give you a bit more room to work with.

This is the device which connects the door handle to the locking mechanism. You should see a small plastic rod, looks a bit like a nail with a square head (note the way it is placed in the clip because the bolt has to go in the same way). This is the bitty bob which is supposed to go into the hole in the door handle to complete the connection. Its probably broken at the end and won't stay in place.

Get your 4mm nut and bolt, put the bolt thought the hole in the spring clip, so that the head is inside the clip, just like the plastic rod was, and bolt it to the hole in the door handle. Check that the head isn't too big so as to stop you putting the spring clip back into place.

It may be best not to tighten the nut and bolt up until you've got everything positioned and connected properly.

Bolt the door handle back into place. Then, with one hand holding farmer Jones doodad in place across the mouth of the spring clip (in the correct position), push it into place using a screw driver via one of the bolt access holes in the door.

Check that it works, then re-assemble your car. It took me about 30 seconds to release the child lock, about 3 hours to effect the repair and re-assemble and half an hour to type this lot up. Good luck.
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