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Re: Looking for some advice post service...

Originally Posted by mrgarrett View Post
Hi, I've just taken my Clio 3 diesel through a service at an independant garage and wanted to get some second opinion from the pros here. On the sheet there are some suggested items, but I'm not sure quite what to think of it and whether or not they are trying it on slightly? Here's a break down...

I was quoted 46 for replacing the wipers??! Sounds a bit steep, no indication if they are genuine parts or after market.

Brake fluid, 60!??

Slightly play in a steering arm. 135. How important might this be?

Timing belt. Yes it's been 5 years, but they also want to replace the waterpump and tensioners. 450! When it comes to the pump though, I'm an 'if it aint broke don't fix it type'. False economy or not, I don't know?

Labour time 75 per hour. Genuine dealership OK and I know they don't have the choice over labour time, but as far as independants go, I do know from insider knowledge and know that insurance companies pay 20-25 per hour for labour!!

Thoughts anyone?
Wipers 46, **** off!
Brake fluid 60. At 75 ph it's possible.
Steering arm. 135, again **** off!
Timing belt, about right if it includes the water pump. They can check the pump to see if it's OK, there's a weep hole for that and it's what Renault would do. They won't change it if it didn't need it.

The labour rate of 75 is a steep for an independent, I would expect to pay 50 inc VAT.
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