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Re: rear wiper linkage on a laguna II sports tourer

The large nut is all that holds the mechanism in place on the outside, use WD40 and a small wire brush on the threads to clean them.

You need to remove the inner plastic cover and then undo the nut on the inside, it will then just drop away.

If you have movement in the spindle then you can remove it, you need to remove a circlip from the top of it, just at the top of the alloy housing, give the spindle a good soaking with WD40 and twist the spindle side to side.

I do it by fitting two nuts on it then using them to turn it with a spanner.

Eventually when it's moving freely enough you need to remove it from the housing, gently knock it out from the top and keep the nuts on it to prevent mushrooming the head of the spindle.

Once out give it a good clean with emery clotth, and do the same inside the housing, then heavily grease it (I use marine grease) and refit it. Originally there was a rubber O ring meant to seal the spindle from the rain but it fails.

Once all reassembled, pack some grease into the outer nut cover and replace, this should keep it all sealed.

Also grease the splines where the wiper fits on as they have a tendancy to "weld" themselves to the spindle.

Repeat the procedure every 6 months.

Personally I think they ar a bad design, there are metal bushes pressed top and bottom into the ally housing, and it's those that rust and seize the spindle, if they were nylon this wouldn't happen!
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