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Re: Renault Clio 2003 - Engines - Loss of power and Warning Light

Originally Posted by kafuk View Post
This must be a common fault on the clio, I had already posted my faults but got no replies, So sorry to cut and paste this in here.
I have a 02 Clio 1.2 16v extreme. Which was running fine until about a month ago when I started getting the infamous Orange Electrical Fault Warning Light,with the added bonus: of lack of power, intermittent stalling at really bad times and bizarre engine idling ( the rev counter dancing back and forth like the car trying to stop it self from stalling ) and problems just trying to start the car. Looking through this and many other forums on-line, I noticed I was not alone. I thought I had the answer the tamper proof black box at the back of the engine covering the ECU , was indeed loose a slowly cutting through the engine wire loom. I removed the box and had wire checked and repaired, All was fine until this morning when the car started fine but with the revs bouncing up and down when idling, no power , just being able to crawl a few before cutting out and this time a clicking noise coming from just be hide the driver headlight. ( some sort of sensor I think, a black plug like device with an air pipe leading to the engine and wire leads ) this clicking continued for about thirty minutes even with the ignition off. Does anyone know what this sensor, or thingy is? I thought maybes something to control air for the injection but then I'm not a mechanic so who knows.
It has been in and out of my local garage who can not find any faults because its an intermittent it hard for me to show them the problem, I'm sure they think i'm lying when I take it back tommorrrow for the fourth time. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Originally Posted by SouthernClio View Post

It is interesting to see that the fault I am having with my Clio is quite common. I have a 2003 Renault Clio 1.2 16v Dynamique with just over 65k miles on the clock.

Here is my story. Back in late November or early December (2009), I saw the 'diesel preheat warning light' come on for the first time, as listed in the handbook, which is that coil -type warning light mentioned. When this happened I experienced a loss of power, and just getting up to 20mph proved to be a struggle. Since it first happened it has occurred relatively regularly, although some weeks it has happened on perhaps three consecutive days, and on others the car has behaved itself and not developed the fault for close to a whole week.

Sometimes the warning light never goes out after switching on the engine, but more regularly it comes on early into my journey, as little as perhaps 15 seconds into the journey, and as much as about 2 minutes into the journey. The issue of kangaroo revving when starting up the car does not seem to be directly related to this problem, as kangaroo revving at start up has happened since I got the car 5 years ago, but the warning light/loss of power issue is a new issue.

Coil packs are unlikely to be the issue, as these failed and were replaced on my car last February and would have done no more than 12k miles. From what I can tell, reading through messages on this thread, it is the wiring loom that is causing the problem, given that people have had throttle bodies replaced but the fault not solved. I have not yet taken my car to the garage, for fear of also spending hundreds of pounds on not solving the problem.

I like my Clio, but it is always the case with Renaults it seems, that when the car reaches about 60k miles they start to fall apart quickly. It happened with my mother's old Clio, which she sold at 66k miles, and the same thing is happening with mine. At least mine has not reached the stage where it is in and out of the garage three times a month yet! They're fantastic cars to drive, and very stylish, but they just don't grow old gracefully.
Having read the above posts, and others, my problem seems the same!

I bought a 2002 1.2 Clio Authentique ( Burgundy as it happens ) and all seemed good when I checked it out.
Spent some time just generally tidying things up before handing it over to my son, although I noticed what sounds like a wheel bearing has gone- I'll get this fixed no prob.

Whilst out driving it, it suddenly seemed to have lost some if its oomph, then, outta the blue it just totally died and lost nearly all power, just enough left to tickover with NO response from the throttle at all. Whilst this was happening the revs just danced around all over the place quite wildly.

Here's what I get from reading this post so far, as potential candidates.....
  • Spray carb cleaner into throttle body / inlet air filter
  • Throttle potentiometer
  • ECU
  • Faulty colis - replace coil pack + plugs
  • TDC sensor / Crankshaft sensor
  • MAP / MAF sensor
  • Wires / wiring loom - chafing from tamper proof box
Obviously, the guy I bought it from knew of these issues and wanted rid ( private sale ) so I'm stuck and hope it's not gonna cost the earth to fix.

I reckon I'll put it to my mechanic who works quite cheaply to have a look at and se what he says.

I'd say the crankshaft sensor, coil pack + plugs and check the wiring loom are the first main things to check and will be heading down that route first.

Any commenst / suggestions or add ons will be welcome.


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