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Re: Highest Mileage Car.. post your mileage

Hmm... my megane is the highest mileage vehicle I've owned, and it's just squeaked past 98,000 miles before starting the current death rattle.

I'm sure if it was a little higher mileage for its age (11 yrs), suited my needs a little better (slightly shorter & slightly narrower to better fit in my garage*, slightly longer geared so it doesn't bend your ears off on the motorway**, slightly easier for a home mechanic to work on***), and oh hadn't been run into by an idiot such that it's now a write-off, it'd be more worthwhile doing the repairs and it'd easily last as long again... but for now I'd be chuffed for it to make it all the way through to 2012 and 100k. That was always my initial "if it manages that, I won't care any more" point anyway, as that'd represent 3 years motoring for 1000 plus about as much again in repairs, far cheaper than my friends who are still paying down 10k or more on what were brand-new Fiestas, Ibizas, Fabias etc.

* my bike is insured as being kept in the garage, and as it's light enough for two strong pikeys to lift onto the back of a transit flatbed after bolt-cutting the security chain, you can bet that's where it's going to sleep; but the heads of the residents association of my new home are somewhat forthright on the site rules regarding cars being kept in the provided garages... so everything has to get crushed in there, and even a fairly compact Meg-I is just a few centimetres too porky for this to be a comfortable proposition.
** I tried, oh god how I tried to get something with a wider ratio box when the old one started to give up the ghost (the torque band is so wide that having 4th = current 5th and 5th = 25% higher, with 1st-2nd-3rd being more spaced out would not cause performance issues), but thanks to the mongolian cluster-love-in that is renault gearbox coding, all I could ultimately get was a straight replacement. 75mph at 3500rpm is nightmarish. Worse even than my Polo which was geared for 70 at 4000rpm, because that at least was engineered to not get properly loud until 131.1km/h...
*** There are important components on this car that have barely a screwdriver blade's clearance which on previous ones I could easily reach past - IE a whole arm's width of working space or better. It makes things kind of difficult, and e.g. requires removing half the freakin' engine just to get at the cambelt tensioner. Puts the garage bills up quite a bit as well, even though they probably already have all the stupidly specialised tools (e.g. camshaft locking thingy... why couldn't the shafts have stuck out an extra millimetre so I could just use a couple metal rulers spaced by a pencil? They wouldn't have fouled on anything, are usually covered by plastic guards, and I haven't got a metal-bashing workshop available to me).
All this together makes the possibility of intergalactic mileage somewhat reduced.
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