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Sure, I'm human and I did for over 30 years regularly exceed speed limits, even trying to justify doing so much in the same way we are reading here that others still do.

Then, one day about a dozen years ago I at last realized that not only was I fed up with having to divide my attention to the road by additionally keeping a look out for marked and unmarked police cars and cameras, a further distraction no driver needs, but I was also fed up with kidding myself that I was "A Law Abiding Citizen" who surely didn't deserve any attention from the Police who, anyway, should be chasing real criminals etc. (my turn now to yawn please 'Espace'!).

It's so simple really, or at least it seems to be now to me at least. IF we are going to have Laws then, if they are to be at all effective, we all need to obey them. If not, they have no point do they?

If we endeavour to drive totally legally then we can focus all our attention on doing so as safely as possible with no need to concern ourselves about ever being caught doing otherwise. Driving suddenly became much more pleasurable for me I found when I had at last decided to, once and for ever, OBEY!

I don't at all mean we should obey unquestionably but where a question about the suitabliity of a particular law arises (perhaps a particular speed limit/location in this instance) I say we should still obey WHILE we seek to get that law altered to something more suitable, if possible that is. In fact, I then came to notice that far too many speed limits were not low enough to be of any real use , especially in any emergency. With too many such Limits being wrongly interpreted as the very lowest at which to safely drive, it was clear that if drivers who were driving as fast at that limit were suddenly required by circumstances to halt then they would be quite unable to do so without avoiding an actual collision with whatever it was they were trying to avoid!

Some may still, many clearly do, quibble about their driving at just a few mph over any speed limit but I bet you they'd be the first to complain if they were short-changed in a shop by just a few quid. A pedestrian who is similarly short-changed by a driver who thinks he knows best in that particular circumstance and who short-changes that pedestrian by JUST a few mph could, if a coliision occured between them, clearly inflict greater harm to one or both of them than if a lower, safer speed had been adopted. It's simple Physics.

Granted, it was not easy at first for me to make this change in my ATTITUDE but I now realize it benefits me a good deal and it must also benefits other road users and pedestrians at the same time, the Planet too from pobably lower exhaust emissions from my slower car! I soon came to realize that there was more advantage to be had and more to be actually enjoyed from employing less and not more speed.

I do of course very well realize this is not understood by many of the people with whom I am today expected to share the road but I still remain quite convinced I made the right decision when I chose, probably all too late in the day really, to swallow my pride and just obey.

Yes, all the other bad driving habits we many of us all have require my constant attention too but at least I now have more attention to give to them.

Finally, if it helps you better understand, here's an analogy I often employ to illustrate what I mean. In our homes today we live quite happily with a KILLER in every room. We know they are there and we respect the fact that to disregard "the rules" about them could have them kill us. Some of us when we are very young choose to disregard "the rules" and so some of us die or are at least seriously hurt or, if we are very, very lucky, only badly shaken. Once we have come to respect "the rules" regarding them we rarely if ever talk about them again. As long as we obey "the rules" we never have any problem with them. Indeed, if we use them with this kind of respect to "the rules" they prove to be quite useful to us for the rest of our lives. If only more drivers could learn to respect "the rules" regarding speed limits more like the way they do "the rules" regarding their own domestic power sockets at home - ah, if only!
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