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Originally Posted by Robin
Oh you are SO right "Speed Tourer"! Thank you. Yes, why do drivers spend all that money on Camera Detectors when they probably have a perfectly good speedometer already. Safe and regular observation of this device will help any driver obey any speed limit regardless of the location of any speed detection devices. Oh dear, yes but that driver will need to OBEY once again.
Maybe because:

a) Speed cameras can mean accident black spots and it's therefore useful to know they are there. Doesn't mean you need to speed to get to 'em

b) It means you can take your eyes off the speedo and put 'em back on the road
Originally Posted by Robin
I'm not sure I have such a great problem with GPS for it is better than having a driver searching a road map whilst driving, as we know all too well does happen, but GPS does remain a likely source of distraction if referred to whilst actually driving instead of when safely parked. Much better by far to plan the journey before setting out - and of course to leave more than sufficient time to travel the journey at legal speeds. Sorry folks!
Nah - most (possibly all) GPS navigation systems give you turn by turn instructions via their speaker. This means you can concentrate on the road rather than the route
Originally Posted by Robin
I'm a hypocrite too "Sport Tourer", I certainly am, but not when, like you, it comes to speed limits. Shame about that aspect of your driving. Consequentially, you must surely understand, the greater the speed you choose to drive at on a Motorway (and it is not obligatory to drive at such fast speeds you know) the greater the likely damage sustained by everyone in any collision that occurs (which may be well beyond your control).
I'm afraid I have to agree with you on this one. ST you naughty boy - headmasters office for a good spanking right now!

Sheesh - he's talking 75 to 80 not 140+!
Originally Posted by Robin
What else? Oh sure, yes indeed, a good too may do not know the speed limits and may indeed not appear to do so when they slow markedly for a camera. However, they be of course be slowing for some other reason than the camera and that's if they've even noticed that! Please don't let slowing be such a problem for you. Probably safer to be too slow than too fast - oh dear, what can of worms have I opened now?
It's true - plenty of people seem to have no idea:

a) What the speed limit is
b) When they should use their indicators
c) When it is safe to overttake
d) Which lane on the motorway they should be in

Unfortunately, speed camers (and this is, after all, what this thread is all about) will only address point a) in a limited fashion. Points b) upwards don't really get addressed unfortunately
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