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Interesting reading from some local rag or other:
Originally Posted by A retired Police officer
The survey showing that speed cameras out number police patrols by two to one, by a leading motoring magazine, is fiercely defended by Road Safety Partnerships who like the rest of the country are obsessed by the notion that speed kills.
The reality is, of course, that even according to official statistics speed is only responsible for about 39 per cent of accidents, so in reality around 61 per cent of accidents are caused by other factors.

So it stands to reason that these will range from drink-driving to using a mobile, not wearing a seatbelt, stolen vehicles, etc.

Therefore the resource that should be increased and funded is police patrols.

As a retired Lincolnshire police officer, I have personal experience of traffic officers who had a very high arrest rate for crimes that were detected as a result of stopping vehicles.

The arrests resulted for various reasons, including theft, burglary and drugs, by stopping a vehicle for simple traffic offences not speeding.

So by scaling down patrols in favour of cameras, then not only are the 61 per cent of traffic offences that cause accidents less likely to be detected, but also many crimes also go undetected as well.

Why do safety partnerships defend cameras with vigour? Is it because they are funded by the revenue from the cameras?

Personally I would prefer to see money put in to more police patrols, road safety education for kids (many haven't got a clue and expect cars to stop on a sixpence, even when they are travelling at a legal speed) and the return of cycling proficiency tests (the amount of cyclists both old and young who go through red lights, dive out of junctions without looking and cycle on the wrong side of the road is appalling especially in Peterborough all accidents waiting to happen where a car driver will get the blame)

Sadly, the Road Safety Partnerships appears to be a quango style organisations with employees who are trying to protect their own jobs and it seems will not listen to any reasonably constructed opposing viewpoint.

If you don't believe me, then try these two simple tests:

1) Next time you are on a journey, count how many police vehicles you see as you travel through each count. If you can count them on two hands it must be a very good day, or Tony Blair is being escorted on a visit!

2) Next time you see someone driving while on a mobile see if the nearest speed camera flashes... errr no I don't think it will.
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