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Re: Write off?

If they've already said it's definitely not your fault - I'd get that in writing if at all possible - then I wouldn't worry about it. You might get viewed as a slightly bad-luck customer, but no-one can help it if three randomly-dispersed morons slam into them in a short space of time.

I haven't got the world's best insurance record - I'm currently waiting for my third write-off judgement in as many years - but I'm not particularly bothered by having superinflated premiums or being refused by the companies involved, because all three are someone else's fault, and only the minor incidentals have come out of my insurer's pocket.

Lets see, I have...

Reversing cockup in a borrowed van, caved someone's door in. 900, at-fault, will be officially off my record by the time I come to renew.

Written off Astra because someone didn't understand that it's a good idea to stop and check that nothing's coming when emerging from a side entrance. Open and shut on liability.
Damage wasn't anything I couldn't have fixed myself (ruined bumper and light) but they judged it to not be worth the cost, and like an idiot I let them tow away the most solidly built and reliable car I've ever owned instead of just taking the few hundred quid I'd have got back after the salvage was docked off.

Replacement Megane barged into not much later by some girl who again didn't understand how roundabouts work (pop quiz: three lanes, one marked with a left arrow, one with a left/straight on, and another with a straight on/right... which one do you go straight ahead in? yeah, the leftmost one, cutting across traffic moving quite quickly in the middle (exiting!) lane... that's right innit). Banged up the wing, door and alloy (and quite possibly the gearbox). Repair quote was ludicrous and so it was Cat C'd. Couldn't be having with another car hunt so soon, and it needed no repairs to stay driveable, so I just kept the money. Two year legal battle then resulted, throughout all of which it was technically presumed that I was at fault. Halfway through, I changed insurance companies (as my old lot proved to be continually incompetent) without any problem. Eventually got an official judgement in my favour. Didn't do my premiums any good though...

Start of this autumn, driving home, wet road, van tailgating me somewhat (don't know why, he did it on a dual carriageway and then onto a wide single, had every opportunity to overtake... I assume just a terminally bad driver). Ambulance comes haring up the other arm of a road joining at a Y-junction. I slow and flash it to come out in front. Matey boy must have been texting or something and piles into the back of us.
Another open and shut liability judgement, but the car's a bit more ruined this time. Boot and rear door now only open and re-lock with difficulty. Somehow got thru the MOT in that state, but the tester noted that the rear chassis crossmember - more or less the only structural thing that ISNT an automatic fail if it's damaged - was a little bent. Time to go get a damage assessment then... done it and just waiting to hear back.

Then not long after, partly thanks to hurrying to not be late to work, partly being half awake as I get a touch of the hibernation blues, partly a damp and exceptionally greasy road (my shoes slipped a bit when surveying the scene), and partly the crappy budget tyre on the spare I had to put on to get thru the MOT (185s all round, except for the one good quality 195 I previously had on that corner), I completely failed to make the turn at a set of lights and planted my car in the front of a waiting bus (thank ABS for at least letting me make the choice of "light post", "bus" or "bus stop full of people"). Mashed up the front ends of both a little, but probably not enough to qualify for whatever astronomical figure their excess is set at.
If they bother to claim, it will certainly be judged as my fault, but so far they haven't. At the moment it's just an incident report on my file...

And along the way there's been a break-in (glass claim only), a windscreen stone chip, all the usual little things.

Still not having any trouble with the insurers with all that, because it's the record of someone who's largely unlucky, and has been a little bit careless, at low speed with minor results, twice in 10+ years of driving.

If all you've got is that one at-fault (but not write-off) front end prang, and then a (notoriously careless!) foreign trucker pulling out into you, I wouldn't be too worried. One case of bad judgement, for which we presume you lost your NCB and are having to pay higher premiums for, and one case of someone else being an idiot and you suffering for it - so, their own company should foot the bill and put it on their record (we wouldn't expect the person YOU hit to be penalised for the experience, would we?). Assuming they ARE insured...

Though if you've had refusals before, what else aren't you saying here? It seems a bit harsh to judge you just on that one, for a relatively inexpensive car (vs, say, writing off a 7-series beemer).
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