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I despair...

...of main dealers!

The Hearse has had, as some of you may know, it's fair share of problems over the last few months including head gasket failure and a new clutch. I've got a good warranty so I'm not out of pocket, but it's just been a plain old pain in the a$$!

The head gasket went resulting in an instant overheat which cooked the cylinder liners so it was a proper head off and muck about job. I had it done at the main dealer under the warranty. It was back for a week before the new gasket leaked and they had to but that right too

Right from getting it back after the first gasket repair, there has been a really annoying buzzing noise which has been getting steadily worse. I had it back at the dealer for various bits and 3 times I've had them look at this buzzing noise

They didn't charge me for diagnostics, but confirmed that there was nothing coming up under diagnostics to start with I mean, for God's sake. It's a mechanical buzzing - surely it's not that hard to pin down. The last couple of times I've taken it back to them, they've acknowledged the problem but all I've got out of them is:

"It's only happening under load sir"

No sh$t Sherlock! I could have told them that! It *only* happens at 3000rpm. It's also an MG. Do they honestly expect me to drive it like Miss Daisy? So - I gave up and did the usual consumer thing of "I'll leave it and once something falls off they'll know what it is!". Unfortunately, it's been weeks with no improvement and no worsening of the symptoms

Last week I had to have a new slave cylinder, and I had this done under warranty at my local garage. Paul is a star man (see dealer directory) and has been looking after my cars for years. He's going to be servicing the Hearse from now on as we've been able to get the warranty company to allow me to use him. This morning I whizzed it in to him. He's great - his mate dropped me off at home and an hour later he's back at the house with the keys...

"All done Mike. Broken exhaust bracket"

He's charged me the princely sum of







a tenner!

Is it me?
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