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Front Bumper Removal & Refitting - Lag I Ph2

Ok, I did attempt to take pics of this but the bloody camera ran out of battery after two pics but I'll try to explain as best as........

This is for a Laguna Mk1 Phase 2 but I'm sure will apply to all Mk1's

1. Before you start please note that the removal of the front grille is not necessary for removing the bumper.

2. Jack the front of the car up, remove both front wheels and place axle stands underneath to support the car.

3. Underneath the car undo the two 10mm bolts that hold the bottom of the bumper to the front crossmember.

4. Underneath again, undo the front foglight protection covers by their star headed bolts, the covers are located on the outer sides right next to the bumper.

5. Unclip the wiring harnesses to the foglights (if fitted)

6. Inside the front wheelarches undo the 3 10mm bolts which holds the front inner arch to the car and one underneath which attaches to another piece of plastic shielding, repeat for the other side, this then allows access to the bumper securing bolts.

7. Just inside the arch where the bumper and front wing meet undo the 10mm bolt securing the bumper, repeat for the other side.

8. The bumper may now be removed from the car.

9. One bit of advice, the front arch protectors that have been removed seem to be a trap for dirt behind, make sure this is cleaned and sprayed with waxoyl to prevent corrosion before refitting, which seemed to have already started on my 2000 Lag, lucky I caught it now and give it a lashing of the Waxoyl

10. And as the old Haynes says, "refitting is reversal of removal", and so it is.

Hope that helps
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