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My God - I wish I had a recording of the phone call I've just had with Tesco. We have our groceries delivered on a Friday evening so on a Saturday we can go out with the little 'un for a full day. I was speaking to a chap called Robert who did not speak very good English. After finally getting past the address I told him that I had some items missing. Of the 39 items we ordered, 10 were missing and 1 was broken

Me: "Can you organise for these to be rescheduled for delivery tomorrow?"
Robert: "I'm afraid that I will only be able to offer you a refund"
Me: "I'm sorry - that's not good enough. I really need it to be delivered"
Robert: "If I can be firm with you, we do not offer a re-delivery, only a refund"
Me: "Cough, splutter. WHAT! You are not going to be firm with me!"

He does a massive back pedal:

Robert: "Sorry - I didn't mean to offend you"
Me: "No - but that was a very poor choice of words. We rely on your service blah, blah, blah. My child's milk for her breakfast was included in the order blah, blah, blah (which was true)"

He finally agreed to reschedule the delivery but made it sound as though this was doing me a huge favour

What the hell happened to good service in this country?
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