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Very interesting points of view chaps. Nice to hear so many different opinions. Heckler - I'm not sure you're last post has done you many favours unfortunately!

The Police were actually considering using civilian drivers to create rolling speed enforcement areas. Are they on this planet or what? I can just imagine all the nimbys queuing up to get involved with that one. Anybody actively trying to impose the speed limit (or any limit for that matter) on other drivers should be kicked off the roads for dangerous driving

I think I understand where Horatio is coming from. If you are confident that your car is doing the 40 limit and no more, there should be absolutely no reason for anybody to hold you up in the outside lane at 35. As for the stay in lane aspect, I imagine this generally only affects narrowed lanes and contra flows?

As always, what's the root problem? Manners. Nobody has any manners anymore and therefore refuse to let anybody get past them, don't care about tailgating or cutting in, don't think they need to bother with indicating. IMHO if we all had a few more manners, we'd have half the problems we have on the roads

I blame the parents!

Oh - and Bliar of course!
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