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Re: Who killed the electric car?

Originally Posted by mcouchard View Post
I drove a Fluenze Ze on Friday, was a lovely car, but potentially worth waiting until Jan when the Zoe comes out the range is higher (130 miles) the car is cheaper (14K) and it is better packaged it actually has a decent boot (the fluenze is lost to batteries).
Ah great ,more lively discussion.
Personaly Im not a big fan of the fluence shape.It is the meg 3 in saloon form.To me the extra 5 in of length does give it a big butt.
I dont think the normal fluence was really sold in the was here.
The range thing.I gave the benefit of the doubt in the original post.The fluence ze is quoted as 115 miles.Apparently in testing even the 90 miles I gave comes into Alex ferguson "squeaky bottom" territory.
Would that be "flatulence"? nm
Practical range is 120km about 75 miles to have no worries.
Extrapolatting to the Zoe which looks nice n more practical ,might get 85 miles.
That isnt really the whole picture tho, its motoring and costs .As they are now and what they are likely to be
Speculation is that with improved battery technology ranges will be a totally practical 200 miles + in 2015 for a pure electric affordable car.
This is some of the rationale behind the leasing thing from renault"youll get better batteries later "
Will motoring costs course not.
If pure electrics catch on the state revenue will have to be taken out of your mileage one way or the other.

Its like right now for diesel fuel . In the UK diesel is more expensive than petrol. here its the opposite.
However the greatest proportion of the cost is our /govt tax.
I say our cos its our govt right? .

The thing is we/our govt dont tax electricity/home use energy at present like transport fuel.
For example diesel. The stuff we use in our cars.
Its the same fuel as is used in agricultural tractors/home heating burners.
The only difference is the coloured dye thats added in.Forget about low/hi sulphur.
The coloured stuff is a lower/much lower rate of tax.
The white stuff, because its used for luxury activities like motoring attracts a much higher rate of tax.

If electric vehicles /pure ones, resurge and batteries become acceptably efficient will the position as it is now

Originally Posted by mcouchard View Post
However as I am a doctoral student in sustainable design your claim about emmisions need correcting Coup. A electric car is far more efficient to start with that a petrol/diesel. Internal combustion engines are only 20% efficient the rest is lost in heat, noise etc. An electric is 80% efficient also a power station is alot more efficient and so the resulting losses are a lot less even if the electricity is generated from coal, oil or gas.
Hmm , I dont think I said anything about a petrol/diesel engine being more efficient than an electric one.
Im merely working on costs for us the motorists.
The thing about an electric powered car having more harmfull emissions in manufacture, may or may not be wrong.
The Thing about 1 million electric vehicles in Germany in 2009 making no practical difference to CO2 output for the country as a whole, may or may not be wrong also.
Engine efficiency in general is a big topic.Potential energy in vs work and how much is translated into heat, potentially harmfull emissions wasnt my main point.
Funnily enough ,any non wind or water/wave powered electricity grid generation is steam powered,I knew itd come back
"Lets meet the 8 who are going to generate"..ow someone is trying to kill me!
k enuff bad puns.
Nuclear power on the eco friendliness ,well its an emotive topic .Is nuclear fission a sustainable energy source.Germany is torn.
We will never get it in Ireland..ostensibly cos were such nature loving folk.Yeh right.
We dont have the cash to invest in it for one thing.. and the "omg the world will end if we allow a gas pipeline to come onshore to our unspoilt cowpats" protests also discourages foreign investment.

Me Im just after the "main chance".
The logical extension of current thinking is"solar cells".
We cant use fossil fuels,cant use muclear fuels.
Wind and water power arent really practical for "motoring".I draw the line at fitting a mainmast on my car.
Efficient solar cells with an electric motor supplemented by pedal power is the wtg.. yaba dabba doo
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