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Laguna FAQ

Laguna FAQ

Please note that this section is read only

Welcome to the Laguna FAQ, a collection of links pointing users straight to the answers for commonly asked questions

Please use the contents box on the right of the page to view the various sections of this FAQ
Q: What model and 'phase' is my car?
A: Renault Laguna - Identifying Different Marks/Phases

Q: How do I obtain a replacement handbook?
A: Renault - How to get a replacement handbook

[BREAK=Keyless card and handsfree operation]
Q: Can I convert my 'keyless' Renault to 'handsfree card' operation?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Retrofitting Laguna Handsfree Key Cards ?

Q: Why does only the driver's door unlock when I press the button?
A: Renault Laguna 2 - Central Locking Problem

Q: Why does only the driver's door sensor work with my Renault "hands-free" card?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 2 - Electronics - Keyless entry help

Q: Why does one of the buttons on my Renault card no longer work?
A: Laguna II Remote Fob Locking problem

Q: Can a broken card button be repaired?
A: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Laguna key card - How to fix microswitch failure

Q: Can I buy replacement cards off eBay or do I have to go to the dealer?
A1: Renault key cards - IMPORTANT INFORMATION
A2: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Replacement key cards !
Q: How can I adjust my Xenon lamps for driving abroad?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Buyer's Guides - Going to europe ? Headlight Protectors (with beam deflectors)

Q: How do I change the front fog light bulbs? (Laguna I phase II)
A: Laguna front fog light

Q: How do I change the front fog light bulbs? (Laguna II)
A: 2002 Laguna O/S Fog Lamp Change

Q: How do I diagnose and repair a faulty Xenon headlamp?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Xenon Headlights - Discussion & how to change out

Q: How can I connect to the tail lights in the boot lid? (fitting parking sensors and/or towbars to Laguna II hatch)
A: Sensing current in wiring.

Q: Can I (and should I) change the gearbox oil ? (includes special procedures for PK6 6 speed gearbox.)
A: Laguna II Gearbox Oil

Q: How do I clean the EGR valve?
A: 1.9dCi Engine - EGR Removal, Cleaning and Installation with Pics

Q: How to fix an electronic parking brake problem
A:<br />
[BREAK=Electric windows]
Q: How do I fix a window that does not operate correctly?
A1: Laguna II Electric Window
A2: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Electric Window Problems - Regulator Repairs
[BREAK=Wheels and tyres]
Q: Pressure sensors: Do I need to go to a dealer to change tyres? How can I program a new sensor or disable the system?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Wheels and Tyres - Tyre Pressure Sensors - Member experiences and solution
[BREAK=Car audio]
Q: How do I find my radio security code? How do I enter the code?
A: Renault Scenic - Finding Radio Code And Inputting Code

Q: Is a wiring diagram available for the VDO CD changer?
* We are not responsible for third party web site links
[BREAK=Instrumentation & Driver aids (including sat-nav)]

Q: How do I fix faulty climate control illumination?
A: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Climate Illumination - Auto Climate Version

Q: How do I reset the service interval / get rid of the "change oil soon" warning?
A: Renault Scenic II - Interiors - How to reset service display

Q: Where is the instantaneous fuel consumption reading on the trip computer?
A: Current fuel consumption

Q: My trip computer has switched from miles to kilometers. Can it be switched back?
A: Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Displaying KMH not MPH

Q: How can I resolve problems with poor signal strength on my after-market sat-nav unit or speed camera detector?
A: General - Speed camera detectors and GPS receivers

Q: How do I replace the green LED/Bulb in the Stop/Start button?
A: Renault Laguna II - Interiors - Start/stop switch light bulb change - How to with pics !

Q: How do I get TMC to work on my Carminat built-in sat-nav system?
A: Renault Laguna - Sat-nav TMC logo is red

Q: Where can I get a legal, genuine updated disc for Carminat without paying full Renault prices?
A: Latest VDO Dayton Sat Nav Discs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Trading of copied discs is strictly prohibited on the forums.
Q: How difficult is it to fit a towbar to the Laguna II?
A: Laguna II - Towbar & Electrics
[BREAK=Backlight illumination]

Q: How can I fix the climate control illumination backlight on my Laguna II?
A: See below for detailed instructions...

The repair can be carried out with the unit still connected to the car but takes a great deal more care. The most convenient method is to remove the unit and carry out the repair on a flat surface and near a power point if an electric soldering iron is being used.

1. Remove ash tray. Ensure card is not in the card reader.

2. Pull out card reader it is only held in place with clips.

3. Pull out bottom of climate display, again it is only held in with clips.

4. Remove the 3 wiring plugs from the back of the unit, the top 2 connectors have lever clips pull these across the plugs as far as they will go to release the bottom one has a small catch push this in to release.

5. Now remove the coloured cover from the front, this is done by releasing the 4 clips top and bottom with a knife or small screwdriver.

6. Now remove the inner front cover, again by releasing the clips the 2 large buttons will probably fall out. Be careful with the glass screen as this is quite delicate. Use a small piece of tape to keep it in place over the white plastic box

7. Look at the top right hand of the printed circuit board you will see the resistor highlighted in the picture.

8. With a low powered soldering iron re-solder both ends of the resistor, marked 101 as shown in the picture ,be careful not to leave the iron on for too long, it is also easier if a small amount of solder is applied to the tip of the iron prior to soldering the resistor. Check also the soldering on the two diodes shown in the picture. It is vitally important that excessive heat is not used as this could damage the printed circuit and possibly the components.

9. Now rebuild the unit, make sure the plastic strip is in place and the glass display is lined up correctly before fitting inner cover, donít forget to fit the large buttons.

10. Re-fit coloured outer cover and re-fit to car, make sure that the wiring plugs are correctly fitted, Fit the top part of the display into the dash and then push the clips into place at the bottom.

11. Re-fit card reader and ash tray.

Text: Cybermanc
Pic: Mike4369

[BREAK= Mk II Dashboard Removal]
Q: How to get the vents out of the dash board.

the dash is a PITA to remove.

Take the center mid seat consol out first.
unclip the footwell covers either side of the aircon section. remove the ashtray, then pull the card reader and its cover off. then the aircon control panel and the stereo and tray/satnav above it.
remove the glovebox and both under dash sounddeadening covers.

i cannot remember if there were 2 screws in the top of the mid consol where it connects to the main dash, (should be easy to see if there), undo the 2 rear side screws onthe mid seat consol. unclip and remove the leather gaitors on the gearstick and handbrake. pull the consol back and it shoudl release the two forward clips (that are easy to break) that connect to the lower part of the dash. once clear, lift up and unhook all cables and connectors from the loom to it(hazard, doors, VDO(phone), cigy lighter. lift out of the car.
side panels on the dash need to come off, as well as the covers to the tweeters, lever them out, put a bit of string on them to keep them from getting lost down inside the dash. same to for the sun sensor in the middle.
undo the covers to the column, remove the steering wheel.and speedo clocks cowling (be very carefull of the clips on the lower section that clip into the dash, 3 on the right and a hidden clip on the left (very very easy to snap it off)
right side of dash there is a bolt and 2 screws (one for the UCH /fusebox) one bolt and screw on passenger side.
up under in the glovebox there are 1 or 2 screws connecting the back of the dash to the crossmember.
there is also a screw at the back of the stereo. undo the screw on the bottom of the clocks and flip them up to see how to unclip and remove them.
there should be x2 bolts holding the column to the crossmember/dash. unclip the head up display in the middle. (there might be some screws under there, i cannot remmeber)
you need ot put your hand in via the clocks area to get the start button released. the covers on the right with the switches will unclip with a screwdriver under the edge, you also need to unclip the tray at knee height, there are about 3-4 clips onthe top of it behind the dash which you can reach from underneath/through the side switch covers. behind there is the fusebox which you might need to undo the cables. the bonnet release is bolted to the side of the dash underneath.

now the tricky bit, there are black clip/spacers on either end of the dash, when you pull it away from the firewall they will come off (and get lost!), you should be able to see them, they are under the side screws on the end.
you will have to pull the dash up and then out towards the seats, if you have an autobox, then you in for fun as the gearstick will probably get in the way.

i would very much recommend you go visit a breakers yard and practice on a scrapper first !!!

(i hope that made some sense, it was over a year ago that i ripped 3 cars apart for the satnav wiring which went on mine)

oh as an afterthought, if you can unclip the stereo cage (without destroying everything) from the middle of the dash you will then get access to the bottom of the airducts.

[BREAK= Mk III Centre Console Round Gear Stick Removal]
Q: How to get the console out?
A: Laguna III Centre Console Removal
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