: XL tyres???? Arggghhhhhh

20th March 2011, 11:54 AM
Hi, does anybody know a definitive answer as regards to wether my 05 Renault Grand Scenic needs XL tyres, they currently have them on there at the moment and I ordered some tyres from camskill not realising about the XL option. 2 tyre fitting centres have refused to fit them as they are not XL but there is nothing in the manual regarding XL tyres and most online tyre sites where you put your reg no come up with a mixture of XL and normal tyres. The tyres manufacturer itself does not say anything about XL tyres for my car!!!! My car is never fully loaded so I'm not that worried but am concerned for insurance purposes?

Please help before I pull whats left of my hair out


20th March 2011, 02:11 PM
Hi mate i know with my Laguna only certain types of tyre can be fitted ,i use xl's for extra loading as recommended by tyre company,and as my lags got the 2.2 scenic diesel in, its for exrta weight too.I suppose your Senic is quite a weighty motta too i think the xl's are also stronger in the tyre walls...hope it helps...

20th March 2011, 10:59 PM
My Scenic (54 plate '05 model) came supplied with standard - non XL - 205/16 Michelin tyres and any time I've replaced them it's been fitted with standard ones.
I'm currently using Kumho KH17's. Had been using KH15's but they've been superceded by the 17's. My local supplier gets them for 55 a corner.
Hope this helps :d

20th March 2011, 11:08 PM
My car is never fully loaded so I'm not that worried but am concerned for insurance purposes?

Hi Andrew,

Whilst you may not carry a full load in your car - the car's next owner may well do.

I'd always recommend buying at least the same spec (speed & load rating) as was originally fitted to your car - otherwise, its classed as a modification from standard spec by your insurers.

That's why you are finding it so difficult to get someone to fit them - they don't want to assume any liability.



20th March 2011, 11:31 PM
I don't think it's all to do with how much shopping you have in your boot, I expect your Grand Scenic is a bit of a weighty ol' car and if, like mine, it's running 17" wheels with low(ish) profile tyres then there's not much rubber in the side walls to deal with all that weight (which I believe is where the XL tyres are boosted to handle the loads).

When I was shopping for tyres in 99% of cases I was told to stick with the original XL fitment even if that meant I was going to take my business to another supplier, so I knew it wasn't a tyre shop just trying to sell me the more expensive option.

Go for the XL and the peace of mind that goes with it, it'll take more than a few quid to put right the effects of a de-laminated tyre when you're going round a corner on a fast A-road!