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  • Scenic 11 ·
    Hi Stu just hope you find time to read this and hope all's well in your world, a very happy new year to you and your family, hope to see you back on the forum sooner than later as you are missed you know.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Take care

    Dancingdad ·
    Hi mate
    Just found this in my visitor dashboard, soz, didn't know it was there so didn't reply.

    I got the 1.6 petrol 115BHP (or 110, or summat like that)
    The diseasal is slightly lower BHP, 105 I think.

    No problems with the amount of power, my only issue is when it is available.
    Which may not be a problem with the diesel.
    In fact I would expect far better low down grunt.

    The petrol version has variable valve timing.
    Seems to kick in around 4k and when it does, like lighting blue touch paper, don't have to put pedal down any more, it just gets up and goes.

    However, below that, it is a gentle, adequate but not sparkling drive.
    Good for fuel economy but really have to get the right gear to accelerate, no power in reserve till the VVT kicks in.
    lancs dave ·
    An Irish girl, Welshman and a Scotsman walk into a visitor page.:grin2:

    Do you lot actually understand each other.>:)
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