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  • batfink5 ·
    What engine you got in your Quashqai ....going to look at a 360 1.5dci +2 tomorrow ...just wondering if 1.5 engine will struggle with such a big car

    130dci ·
    DD, this is going a bit TT up, I'll get a pic tomorrow of the split pipe, spraying oil everywhere. I have my volvo which i love, but, it's a guzzler! The Lag I love too, it was given to me, a true work horse. I only drive it on motorway, but, as I was given it for free, I have no idea of its history. It's 2006, so a FAP! First diesel I've ever owned, and I'm by history, a petrol head. My dad was a test engineer at Ford in Dagenham, Cosworth mech! That's where the petrol gene injection came from, before that my grandad. I know what I'm doing, just a bit cautious with a diesel. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. TC for now.
    130dci ·
    hey DD, whats app? long shot, i need to make sure i can pick my kids up, I can do this myself, but i'd like a little heads up on what i'm gonna do. i'd really appreciate some knowledge? help me out, please? It's kosher!
    Nottnoc ·
    Ay up Pete, thanks for the kind offer. Just been to Aldi, they've got Pneumatic Impact drivers for £20. Guess who's got one? Just when I find I have a N/S/F wheel bearing whining like a stuck pig above 30 MPH too :frown2:
    Phil48 ·
    Dont know these would interest you buddy..they are very good can recommend but not cheap like Ebay tat..

    nissan qashqai faux leather car seat covers and retrim
    pauldarbyshire ·
    Hi I just want to say thankyou personally for all your help and advice since I joined the forum. I have done a lot to my car and recently it was the alternator and still a few jobs to do, I just cant get under my car yet. Thankyou Dancingdad.
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