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  1. Campervan / UK trip

    Campervan Chat
    As a real stingy bloke, i could carry a plastic bottle for the small emergency and a bucket inside some wooden supporting frame for the big emergency :)
  2. Campervan / UK trip

    Campervan Chat
    Haven't been on your side of the sea in the last many years. So I thought they were still there. An other brand has taken over now or they rebranded ? Van : Same as for a car when you're picky, I guess. If you search long enough, you could finally get what you want.
  3. Campervan / UK trip

    Campervan Chat
    Still didn't manage to find the van I like. Second hand vans are expensive here and more hard to get than cars. I think they are shipped out of the country in big amounts. Had my attention on other things than cars the last few months.. Porta potty bit is one of the things on camping I don't...
  4. Clio 1 1.9d fast clicking no start **Fixed**

    Also : if she has left the car standing there for a few weeks... Even if it started two weeks ago , .. it's done probably. Has been freezing outside, then the battery loses more power... Probably as dead as a dodo , as one part of the Wheeler Dealers would say. Going too low, even one time, can...
  5. Is my car talking to the internet or something?

    General Chat
    Oops , ... I changed my comment meanwhile :laugh: First I thought, seen from the generation of GPS (Tomtom) that is in it, it's TMC.. But then I saw one icon on the menu talking about connection to Live Services which is an internet service. Some systems use both TMC and internet... Please...
  6. Is my car talking to the internet or something?

    General Chat
    There are two ways for your car GPS to know what is going on in the world and around you. One of it is by having it's own SIM card and connecting to a database. Or it ccould be just getting this info from your phone too, being connected by Bluetooth. The second one, a technology that is...
  7. What's made you smile today..

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    Is it the same over there as it is here ? Technical inspection : They say now in big print : You can also make an appointment. No need to queue. Just : can only make an appointment 2 days a week, from 5pm until 7pm. And the first possible date is 24/12. But I guess that one day they will stop...
  8. What's made you grumpy today.

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    Car is rather full of salt here... Waiting to get it powerwashed but it's no use yet.. Roads are still rather full of salt. Good thing they use it of course.
  9. What's made you grumpy today.

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  10. Repair quote

    Cars & motoring
    That part looked to me like new steering rack had to be installed.. Lucky for ts not .. 135 dollar on Alibaba. Original from Renault, double or triple ?
  11. Repair quote

    Cars & motoring
    Seems extraordinary cheap to me. The first thing I would do is finding each part and see if it's a new one, etc. If it has been replaced... if it was replaced by new or second hand parts... Or new low quality parts. IMHO the price I see is not realistic for all the work and parts mentioned. Or...
  12. Oil Change 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol K4M engine

    Now you said it .. that was one of the things I heard / seen about the disadvantages of dowty washers too. They sometimes appear to have some cheap plastic in them, looking like cling film on top (when they are new)... the cheap rubbish ones then. Didn't give me any confidence before...
  13. Oil Change 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol K4M engine

    Must have been crushed into shape so often and so well that it has become a dowty washer too, ... just it's still made out of copper. :wink2: I was looking first about why not to use one kind on a car but should use the other. I had read something about that several years ago but forgot...
  14. Oil Change 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol K4M engine

    Aluminium + copper -->> galvanic corrosion. ..theoretically. Just like you can't put concrete on copper pipes, but everybody did before ? I always used copper washers on everything though, I admit.
  15. Oil Change 2011 Megane 1.6 Petrol K4M engine

    Searched for that info but didn't find it at the time. Thought I heard something like that before...