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  • TTT ·
    sorry I've just noticed this message now. :oops:

    Yeah I'm still around, just do a bit of browsing now and then, nice of you to notice.

    eddioke ·
    Thanks Heather keep forgetting to hide the registration. Just been deleteing same before and after pictures off Facebook for the same reason
    Vapulabis ·
    about a week ago I noticed it , but I am Male, so it takes a while for me to notice stuff, ask my wife and haircuts :grin2:
    Vapulabis ·
    yes I am, but then again I would have thought the system slightly smart enough to realise that the person who has just commented on the thread maybe does not need to know that a new post has arrived in a thread he/she is subscribed to, especially as they have just hit "Post Message" :)
    Vapulabis ·
    Hi Heather

    Something about the website has started getting right on my nerves :)
    Its started telling me that there is a new post to read, when I click on the said new post, its the one I have just put up, or course its new but for sure I have read it, I wrote it

    Deebz ·
    Hello Heather,

    It seems that I have yet more issues with this bonkers GUI...

    Aside from still not being able to 'like' peoples comments, which as a regular social networker, is important and very frustrating, when unable to show my appreciation.

    But now it seems, I cannot 'add friends' also... Grrrr I have one friend request from 'Flying Clutchman' ... Yet every attempt I've made (three so far...) fails to
    include him in my list...

    I really need to get these issue sorted, if I am to be of use on this important forum. Is there a way that you can run this by the techies? Or overseers of the forum in general?

    I await your reply,

    Daryl (Deebz)
    Deebz ·
    Hello Heather,
    First, May I convey my best wishes for your coming year.
    Regarding the 'like' issue that I am continuing to experience.

    Any ideas as to how we can rectify this annoying trait of my GUI?

    Would it require a 'reset' by re-joining the forum... Though I don't wish to lose
    my current 'status'.

    Or are we possibly talking about some glitch with my browser?

    According to statistics, I have managed to 'like' five times... Whereas in reality, I've clicked on 'like' more like 100 times!

    Whatever, I do need to get this sorted, because I don't want to appear to other members as someone who never likes anything... For the moment, I continue to use the 'Thanks' button in lieu of the absent 'like' facility.

    I'd be grateful for some pointers/assistance.

    Kind regards,

    coup ·
    Hey Heather,
    honk :)
    Paul, I believe contacted you about my not that one :)

    In essence :
    When I try to post on any thread where I had previously uploaded pics/attachments of some sort, the site tries to attach any pic on my pc that I ever uploaded.
    Since there are quite a lot of pics, the site page goes gaga.

    I think I can still post replies where I dont try to add attachments OR on threads where I never uploaded anything, or private messages but this isnt v good :(

    Any suggestions,aside from changing site format as Ive already tried that.
    There must be some c up on my account on site.
    AL007 ·
    Hi Heatherj, can you please help with this!. I want to change my username in the Forum.
    When I originally registered. Did not realise that my name will be my username.
    Is this possible or do I need to be removed and reapply? How is this done?

    IT66 ·
    I see your little snakes are doing well :cool: and i'm sorry to see your car situation is still a bit negative at the moment but maybe their is some good fortune waiting for you round the next corner ;) .
    IT66 ·
    I never thought you'd change your Avatar and had to double check when i noticed you had changed it Ha! , but i'm liking it lots :) .
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