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  • ice ·
    Hi and welcome to me. You're here because you want to know more about, so here goes. I left school at 15 and joined the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineering Mechnic, left then went to college and earned a C&GIII as a mechanic, went and worked on a building site as I was bored of fixing cars and didn't see a future. I then became everymans best friend and became a dreyman. Then I worked on the railway for 10 years and now I am carer for young adults with learning difficulties and occasionally hang off spanners.
    I have many hobbies and boys toys, I am lucky enough now to pick and choose what work I do on cars, usually to pay for my hobbies which are fishing, sailing, power boating, computers, creating custom paint jobs on scooters and cars.
    I believe that one should treat another as one would expect to be treated, what goes around comes around, and behavior breeds behavior.
    I can be quite sarcastic, I never mean to offend as I am not malicious, just have a morbid sense of humour:)
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