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  • IT66 ·
    Hi mate :) .
    Cheers for the info and i'm well aware of Alfas being a mare at times but although i couldn't afford one at the moment i am certainly interested in getting one in the future and i'll certainly be jumping at the first chance i get to test drive one and the 2.4 sounds a great choice but i will certainly have to do some serious saving by the sound of it just so i can get a decent one but i'm in the middle of quiting smoking at the moment and the Alfa is a great motivation for me to succeed ..
    cheers ian ;) ..
    Lagdti ·

    I love ours massively,but they aren't for the faint hearted.You really,really do have to do your research on them and if you buy a wrong'un it will bankrupt you!.So far ours has been great,it has a few issues to sort but it was cheap and I did expect to have to spend a bit on it.I would have preferred a face-lifted later car but we wanted a diesel and the later diesels are still pricey and the 2.4 10 valve engine in ours is as close as any Italian engine is to being bomb proof and the later 2.4 20 valve is a little more troublesome (although the extra 25bhp would have been welcome:d).

    If you ever need any advice on buying one then give me a shout.;)
    IT66 ·
    Hi mate :) ,
    I got curious and had a look at a few Alfa romeo's 156 sports wagens online and even though i've never seen one in the metal i can see why you were attracted to them and i'm now feeling the need to get behind the wheel of one myself and i've not felt like that in a long time ;)..
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