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  • IT66 ·
    5 Years today :) , So here's to seeing you on here for the next 5 :cheers::guinness::lager::toast::popcorn::sunny: , congrat's mate ;) , Ian
    Lagdti ·
    There are details of the forum policy regarding radio codes written in the forum rules,I'm afraid were are not prepared to get into a discussion about it.

    Many thanks,

    The Mod Team
    daveunderdown ·
    Hi madnoel10

    Thanks for the reply. I've been searching on yahoo but nothing came up. I never thought to try google!

    Found what i am looking for!

    Thanks again

    joe.c ·
    hi noel could you help me the timing belt broke on my laguna 1.9 dci i have replaced valves and head gasket but cant work out the timing any help would be much appreciated thanks.
    Cobra5 ·
    Hope you can advise
    I have an espace with keyless cards.
    Currently neither works as keyless cards, a few weeks ago all doors did then rear doors stopped, then front passenger and now drivers door. Tailgate always works.
    Changed battery, no difference.
    All other functions work i.e. lock, unlock, start without inserting card, headlights on approach etc
    I suspect the sensors are the problem.
    Could it be weather related i.e. cold and frost or water ingress
    Are there any fuses to check
    Can the sensors in each door be removed and examined
    Do you know what the ballpark price is for replacement if needed
    Badkeys referred me to you
    I hope you can advise
    Mervyn Please use the PM system to communicate email addy's are not allowed. You are leaving yourself open to loads of spam :)
    Northern Ireland
    phoneman ·
    Thanks for reply, sorry late in getting back to you - computer on the blink !
    Removed upper blanking plug (where you can see cam pully) engine rotates, pully doesn't - !!!!!
    Anyone like a nice rebuild project ??
    nmitchis ·
    I have a clio II 1.5dci which has just engine replaced due to timing belt failure.
    The replacement engine has rough idling (as if hunting for fuel) and the consumption has increased by about 10mpg.
    The local garage who fitted the replacement engine has suggested that air may be drawn in to the fuel.
    Do you have any advice on what could be the cause and how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance
    scenick ·

    Im in the middle of changing the belt, ive put the locking pin at the bottom of the engine and turned the crank clockwise untill it stops, the pin is in contact with the crank stop, however the cam shafts are not horizontal like the book says. it looks like the belt has been replaced before, could it be wrong timming in the first place or have i put the pin in wrong?

    I dont know what to do now, do i timing it how it was, or go by the book, i mean it used to run ok, will an engine even run if the timing is slightly out?

    madnoel10 ·
    The Renault manuals are copyright and can't be published on the forum. A drivers handbook can be downloaded at the Renault UK website if you register your car details but as yet I haven't came accross service manuals
    Hany Ezzat ·
    i hope my message find in best of evrything,
    I was searching about megan II service manual or owner Manual
    can you please advise how i can find them in the form.
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