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  1. Random wire in wheel arch

    Hi, I was changing my brakes when I noticed a random wire connected to nothing inside the wheel arch. Please see the pictures. Passenger side. My reverse lights are no longer working so I guess it could be something to do with this? (The reverse switch?). Although there is no play in the wire...
  2. Resetting brake piston

    Yeah i'll just unscrew the bleed screw, don't fancy damaging the car. I am attempting only the front brakes for now to see if I can actually do it, my handbrake is manual not electric, I do know my rear brakes will need the ABS ring but I can buy some pads with the ring already compressed...
  3. Resetting brake piston

    Hi all, I will be attempting to change the brakes on my megane this week, does anyone have any advice regarding resetting the brake piston without buying the tool kit? does anyone have any ideas on how to reset it? Someone has suggested unscrewing the brake resevoir lid and using a c clamp on...