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  • chuffer690 ·
    Wow i'd better buy a caravan then :d cheers mate.

    You have been busy today then, glad you got the majority of the wires sorted out.
    I have aftermarket reversing sensors & the main unit is fitted behind the rear O/S light cluster & beeper is fitted behind the bulkhead.
    Have a good day tomorrow
    chuffer690 ·
    Morning Tim, Thanks for that info. is that why i have double sockets fitted to towbar then ? 1 for a trailer & 1 for caravan.

    Black widows are cool dude & that is a good price, my tailgate is tinted too.
    Catch ya later
    chuffer690 ·
    Least yours isn't a crew cab :eek: i have 1 thick black wire running from battery to rear & can only think it's for the tow bar, can't trace it fully as ply is in the way - Hey ho.
    Hope it goes well today & the rain stays away for you.
    Phil48 ·
    My birthday is in Jan so I hope you gits aint cooking some thing up..:baseballbat: :redcard: :redcard:
    lancs dave ·
    Eluci what.:d

    Look at your own profile and visitor messages Was your message from 2 weeks back.
    Not sure if you can see it.
    lancs dave ·
    I don't want to get in the way of your Mod love in......but Happy forum birthday.
    Bit late I's the thought that counts.:toast:
    Nottnoc ·
    Swine, only just read this. Burnt Orange will be the colour of your ar5e, if I ever get to Bucks?
    Congrats to you too. BTW
    Hope Mr Admin has a laugh.
    lancs dave ·
    Thought we were already friends but this makes it official.
    No...not in a wedding sort of way.:eek:

    Get rid of the guy below. He's trouble.:d
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