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  1. Renault Scenic rx4 with a Renault Megane Scenic engine

    So hey, back again, I have an rx4 with the Megane Scenic engine and I can't figure out the wiring i.e how to do it, because when I bought it I wasn't wired so I need some help P.s already tried mechanics, but no luck
  2. Help with Seat Belts

    Well I didn't even need to take the knob off you just have to push the upper trim up far enough so that the lower trim's screw is exposed so you can undo it
  3. Help with Seat Belts

    Thanks for your help,but I managed to get it off
  4. Help with Seat Belts

    Hi, I have a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9l diesel from the year 2000 and I need to change the seat belts but I can't take off the top trim of the B pillar without breaking the unlocking knob, I really need help on how to remove the trim without breaking off the knob. Thanks