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  1. fold up bikes

    Cycling Club
    thank you so much will look now can i pick your brains again any views on a bmw 118d 2009 going to look at if a good motor ect
  2. fold up bikes

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    town roads footpaths thank you
  3. fold up bikes

    Cycling Club
    are fold up bikes ok to use for work i am about four miles from my works thank you:laugh:
  4. my laguna 2004 estate 2.0 turbo for sale

    For sale
    none runner due to slave cylinder fault 2.0 turbo very good condson offers please buyer collets :laugh:2004 intel
  5. maybe slave cylinder

    you are so right my better half has told me scrap it get a other laguna estate i do love them but things like the elecs are a real pain will put it on here for parts ect thank you
  6. maybe slave cylinder

    many thanks look like a costly job
  7. maybe slave cylinder

    heading home in my laguna estate 2004 cluth pedel went right to the floor could it be the slave cylinder gone if so any idea of cost please thank you for reading this post:frown2:
  8. main beam relay box laguna estate

    many thanks
  9. main beam relay box laguna estate

    i have a 2004 laguna estate were is the relay box and fuse please stop working cheers
  10. laguna estate fuse for main beam

    i know there is a relay box i think pass govebox for the main beam is there a fuse also
  11. elec seats front laguna 2004 estate

    i will try very little room if i move the cable heated seat light comes on the dash too do you know if main beam light has a fuse i know it has a relay box thank you
  12. elec seats front laguna 2004 estate

    can i lift the drivers seat somehow think wife is cuffing under the seat blowing 20amp seat fuse thank you
  13. headlight relay

    hello thank xenon
  14. headlight relay

    were is the headlight relay please my main beam is not working laguna 2004 estate
  15. elec drivers seat

    is there anyway i can get my drivers front seat to move forwards fuse keeps blowing any ideas please:crazy: