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  1. sensible tuning for Laguna 2.0?

    General tuning
    Hi,I would think the easiest way is to get a turbo engine/ box/ecu (couple on ebay last time i looked)and then remap it. That way you'll have power and torque fot not a lot of bucks.
  2. Intercooler maybe on the way?

    What engine do you have?
  3. Cabasse Auditorium

    I've always assumed it means it'll play cd's burnt from mp3 files, which it does excellently. Unlike my mates Vauxhall of the same vintage which won't entertain them.
  4. 1.6 HDi Peugeot Engines?

    General Chat
    I had a 1.6hdi Berlingo van with delivery miles, ran it to 186,000 miles in under 3 years and literally didn't have to replace a single item. Was only 75bhp but still cruised at 90,can definitely vouch for that engine,it's a goodun.
  5. Laguna 2 to Laguna 3

    My mottah!
    I haven't made the change just yet because i have to buy a van first, but next year i am defo buying a mk 3 205gt tourer,which by that time will be a gift judging by where the prices are now! I read everywhere how much better the build quality is over the mk2, well as someone who drives one...
  6. Laguna 2.0 T Initiale Tourer

    For sale
    For sale, reluctantly, is my 55 plate, black with black leather, Laguna estate. It's covered 232,000 miles (and counting) but to look at and drive it you would never know! Mot December, tax October, fully loaded with electric heated leather, electric sunroof/windows/mirrors, powerfold mirrors...
  7. check anti pollution system

    I think this could be a cat fault, I had the same message on my previous Lag when the cat was worn out.
  8. Will the Laguna return?

    General Chat
    Surely they won't bother bringing it to the UK as most Lags must have been sold to the fleet market when new.The classifieds are pretty much flooded with MK3 130,000 + milers from dealers right now,who have obviously given pennies for them once their company car life has expired. Just cos I...
  9. Spares or Repair,Laguna 2.0 Turbo Initiale Hatchback 54 plate

    For sale
    Hi guys, advertising this car for a friend, so will put his number at the bottom incase you need to ask him any questions, although the car is outside my house so it will need to be collected from Hertfordshire. The car was driving lovely until the clutch went on Friday, well I'm told its the...
  10. Vibration through steering wheel

    Steering and Suspension
    Just wanna bump this thread guys, the bloody vibration disappeared last Wednesday and has been absent ever since, result I thought- I have the first self-repairing Renault on the planet :eek: until this morning, drove it up the A1 and all was sweet at any speed in any gear, came back down the A1...
  11. Lag 2 won't turnover.....

    Thanks Paul, was indeed the starter, well more like the solenoid part of it hence the good ole hammer and elbow grease making no difference. New one being fitted tomorrow, then back to investigating the vibration..............:confused:
  12. Lag 2 won't turnover.....

    Thx for suggestions guys, fat fuse on terminal looks like it is riveted either side of the holder so how do I access it? Just replaced battery but made no difference, bought starter motor today that my friend is fitting tomorrow noon, hopefully that will solve it, can see no fuses blown...