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  • rockingbird ·

    It's service time for the Espace, do you still stand by your recommendation for Wheelers Workshops, did they do the business for your Espace and all it's clever doo-dahs?

    The chap I spoke to on the phone seemed pretty reasonable and I'm almost certain I'm going to give them a crack at it but I thought I'd see what you said first!


    rusty123 ·
    is there an easy way to check if timing belt broken on my clio,got my wife to turn engine over while i looked in oil filler cap,cant be sure but i think belt is broke,cheers
    bpowell555 ·
    Heh tigz hope the mri is all ok mate was going to ask if you fancied a crack helping me swap the tailgate on the sensi-wagon (bimmer) next weekend - let me know dude and we can go for a buzz an stuff :)
    BillR ·
    hiya doing a k7m snapped cam belt for a mate, is the engine rotation clockwise from flywheel or water pump end
    kp 115 ·
    Hi Tigger-sri,

    What has happened to delta ?
    but I think we will be breaking the safrane as I've managed to get the insurance company to up their offer to an reasonable level, more like not so insulting level!
    allowing me to buy the salvage! back for a sum, so I am currently waiting for the bodyshop to deliver the car back to us
    & as soon as this happens & I will be taking requests for parts,
    I've already had someone approach me via email through ebay!!
    r25 limousine!
    this will be done to try & raise some additional cash to buy a replacement car for the wife


    kp 115
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