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  1. 2012 renault master clutch problem

    Hi all , does the renault master give problems with the clutch , as in is it common for the clutch to go on them early , my master has 35000 miles on it and fly wheel has just started to make noise , I can chage gear no problem and van pulls like a train , but just cant understand why I am...
  2. Master mk3 door card removel

    General Chat
    Hi all does anyone here , know how to take the door panels off! What to replace door speaker as they are s)hhhhhhhh
  3. Trafic service

    Anyone know how much it should cost to service a 2.0 115 renault trafic ,all filters,oil change,gear box oil change,brake/ clutch fuild change,brake pads etc, I know it will vary bur a rough idea would be great,oh and I would be putting all renault parts,oil in ect !!
  4. Mpg trafic 2.0 dci 115

    Yeah 09 2.0dci never under 600 miles to a tank with a mix of short runs and never over 75 miles an hour
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    S here is a pic of my front bumper problem!! This is all so starting on the right hand side sliding door plasic trim as well,iam sorry for the very very very late reply but here it is!!!!
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    Hi chuffer sorry for the late reply,yeah that's a great job on the bumper u would never think there was any damage there at all,great job
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    I would love to be able to have the mind to take on doing this myself,but I am the kind of lad that would have a few spare parts left over at the end ha ha,I think I'll have to pay for a mechanic to do it it would be safer for both me and the van ha ha ,
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    So just normal wear and tear items replaced,the mud flaps u have look good assume there proper renault ones look better then mine,yours beening the same colour as the bumper and mine been black,the marks on your back bumper ain't bad,will be interesting to c how u take them out,I have to replace...
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    From another angle
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    Just to say u were talking about replacing the mud flaps bought these from halfords for 12 euro they are uni fit and went on quit well here a pic
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    U have been busy,what kind of miles is on your van,it's the same year as mine is it (09) are these common problems are have u just been unluckly !! Hopefully I won't have to replace anything for a while,u say u are fixing marks on the bumpers!!! Reason I ask is I have what looks like some kind...
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    Well chuffer I doing good now,work has picked up a good bit thank god was getting worried there for a while,how's are u!!! Hope all is well and your van is treating u good!!! Not so sure about the chrome mirror covers aas I hopeing to get the bumpers and plastic moulding sprayed ( hopefully by...
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    Ta da
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    So here she is with a few improvements I think!! Comments good and bad please !!!! as iam not to sure !!!
  15. New 2014 Trafic engines...Are they in other vehicles yet?

    General Chat
    It all to do with emissions now and low road tax!! Bring back the days of no turbos egr valves etc,car and van van went for ever ha ha,all the same they are two different engines both 1.6 I think one is single turbo pushing out same 115, and the other a twin turbo ( small turbo and big turbo...