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    wesfez ·
    please canyou help?i have an 05,1.6,16v megane,two days ago,front heatersstopped working completley,everything else working fine,is it a big jobto replace fan,and if so what price am i looking at
    madbil ·
    madbil needs help, i have a 2003lagunadci the central locking locks all doors except rear drivers side i tryed everything i can think of but it wont lock,please help thanks
    derek b ·
    HI Laguna 2 1.9 dci When I switch engine on , a noise like an electric motor/ or maybe a bearing?. comes from under the dash. I think?. I have lifted bonnet but the noise cant be heard from there.No other electrics [like fan etc] is running at the time. After 10/15 mins into journey /no noise at all. The noise is not too loud but noticable . Can you help . Regards Derek
    banjiabayomi ·
    where is the engine number of renault scenic 2004 model written
    Allegedly ·
    Hi Truckbusuk, My name is Rob and I posted on the Electrics forum yesterday but I was wondering if I should have posted it on the wheels and tyres forum as well. I'm asking this as I know it is not normally ok to post the same post twice in different formums. I'd be grateful for some input here as to whether you think it'd be ok. Regards, Rob
    avroff ·
    Thanks for your tip yesterday. Managed to post the tip as a new thread in the end. There's a vast amount of info here, but as someone else said in a thread, it's not particularly intuitive to use. Ah well, I guess I'll get used to it! Thanks again.
    avroff ·
    Hi, I've just replaced the NSR outer CV boot on my RX4 and would like to post the tips. Probably being dim, but can't see how I go about it. I've previously posted tips for a rear coil spring replacement. Please advise. Ta very much.
    wizzkid36 ·
    Hi , is yours the Hatchback model? Is the curtain airbag at the back(C pillar) or at the middle B pillar as ive seen some lagunas with the "Airbag" badge of the middle above the seatbelt adjusters on the B pillar. Could you let me know im really interested, because my laguna shows an "Airbag" badge at the rear (above the rear seats near the boot) but not sure what airbag this is, i thought if i had curtain airbags they would have a bagde above the driver and pass seatbelt adjusters(near the top of front doors could u let me know thx
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