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  1. running rough

    well think ive sorted the problem i started at the n/s end of engine and removed first coil and replaced it with one of the old ones, and it made no difference so put the newer coil back on and went to the next coil and did the same. no difference, then went to the third coil along and swapped...
  2. running rough

    thanks but i only have a basic code reader which gives fault codes not all the info you mentioned but, ill strip injectors off first then clean them then try coolant temp sensor, thanks for the help
  3. running rough

    i have a 1.6 scenic 06 reg a few weeks ago i got a dash warning saying check emissions, i ran a fault scan and got intermittent cylinder misfire, i changed the coils and it ran lovely , then the other day the same thing ,,so this time i changed all the spark plugs and although its running...
  4. my first facelift scenic

    My mottah!
    a 2006 1.6 scenic, i never thought id get another scenic after i always felt they spoiled the shape after 2003, i always had models between 2001 and 2003 ,and to me the scenic has always been the most comfortable and relaxing drive ive ever had , but i got this scenic last month and apart from...
1-4 of 4 Results