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  1. New game..

    General Chat
    a long time ago our school master in charge of the Chess team - Mr C.Hess
  2. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    Easter eggs -- wouldn't be surprised, just seen valentine's day cards for sale next to the Christmas cards !
  3. Renault magane estate unknown wires behind radio?

    Hi my guess is that a previous owner had fitted a AM radio, but put back the original when selling the car. Al
  4. My clio I got today for a very good price

    My mottah!
    Hi just done the sunroof seal on daughters 53 Clio. easy job - but you need a dry day to do it, or a garage big enough to open doors both sides I did try to video doing it to add to my you-tube channel , but the sun reflected badly off the roof making it un watchable. There is however a...
  5. 2008 Renault Megane 2 Gearbox issues

    Hi for the cost, effort, the time it will take (if its your only transport) age of the car, value of the car, ...........are you able to do this yourself can you call on help if (it will be .) when and some where to do this , you could probably purchase a 2008 car with a manual...
  6. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    Hi no issue with the flags, as you say I've been asking for this for 3 -4 years so its about time ! (Union Flag is OK by me !) My issue is with the navigation. how do I find the latest posts and who has an issue needing HELP ! I'm the one needing HELP just to find the piggin questions ? Al
  7. Grand Scenic 13plate - issues following possible water damage

    had this happen to a Pug 206 HDI, removed glow plugs turned engine and water shot out with quite some force, but on re assembly engine was not happy, on jacking up front end water was running out of exhaust, had to remove it and poor out over a bucket full of black sooty water. Once all re...
  8. 2015 mk3 megane horn

    Hi AFAIK its in the same place as the MK II, infront of the radiator at the top, front bumper off jobbie to get to it. Al
  9. Stereo error

    Hi when you say stock radio, is that the original or one out any other Renault ? In the year of your car there were two possible OEM fitments and they are NOT reverse compatible. Al
  10. Excessive tyre wear inner front edges on Megane Mk4

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I have a similar car to yours 2014 Mk 4 Megane ST and the tires wear evenly so it indicates to me that there is something amiss with the set up on your vehicle somewhere. Inner tire wear is usually caused by; negative toe and camber, & for parts, there are several possible component sources...
  11. What's made you smile today..

    General Chat
    Sadly not to be - we got NZ for bronze instead Al
  12. !,500 Mile Range Battery!

    Motoring news
    Hi I saw this too , if it works like it says it will be a real game changer. Hope he gets a patent and keeps it British, could save the UK car manufacturing industry. Until it gets 'copied' in the far east ! then the lawyers will get work too. Al
  13. Word Link

    General Chat
  14. Megane 3 2015 under dashboard driver side removal

    can you replace pics with your own photo's - they are allowed ! Al
  15. Word Link

    General Chat
  16. 2006 Clio Initiale CD player fault..

    let us know how you get on Al
  17. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    the moths enjoyed the day out ! SWMBO even treated me to a mid morning cuppa whilst out. Got home in time to do sunroof too, but it went dark before I could test for leaks so still got a job for tomorrow.. Al
  18. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    Its a lovely sunny day here !, Today's job was going to be removing daughters sunroof (Clio II) and replace the seal. Now wife want me to go shopping with her to take back curtains that were altered but not finished off very well ! oh ....and just pop into Tesco's & Morrison's to do weekly shop...
  19. 2006 Clio Initiale CD player fault..

    Hi, I assume you have tried several different CD discs with same result, so I would determine that the CD part of the radio has failed. You do not say what unit is fitted t your car ? if it is the original factory one the easiest solution would be to fit a 2nd hand one of the SAME type. With...
  20. What's made you grumpy today.

    General Chat
    Hi when your engine cut our did you loose any other electrical items at the same time ? I'm thinking along the lines of an internal fault within the battery, low electrolyte in one cell or a cell breaking down ? how old is your battery ? Al
1-20 of 477 Results