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  1. Service/check parking break

    Yip seen a lot of different ways to try and reset this..Also seen that if you put an diagnostic on it only picks up 4 have to put the motor in a certain mode to get all 9 computers to turn on...don't ya just love renault
  2. Service/check parking break

    Ok replaced all discs and pads and still getting the check parking brake and red service and P..handbrake seems to be working fine??? Does anybody know how to reset this warning?? Thanks
  3. Service/check parking break

    Hi o4 mk2 1.5dci scenic has its red service light and P lights on an displays check parking break!!..discs and pads need replaced so was wondering if it will go out when I change them??
  4. fuel cut off switch. .

    Friends motor...had a front end shunt which deployed the airbags..all components replaced but won't start. not sure if it turning over..will find out today.ecu has been reset and reprogrammed I think....will also find this out later..been told it's all different but can't find...
  5. fuel cut off switch. .

    Hi..sorry if this has been covered somewhere but I have trolled and put in a search and came up with nothing. . Can someone tell me where the fuel cut off switch (reset switch)is on a renault scenic 1.5 dci on a 04 plate (if it has one at all!) or is it done through the ECU?
  6. drum sticks

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a scenic 2 and my mechanic advised me to change the drumsticks soon??? what are
  7. scenic 2 1.5 dci air con..

    Heating & cooling
    Not changed that..does the system need to be de pressurised? ? And will I be able to do
  8. scenic 2 1.5 dci air con..

    Heating & cooling
    Checked all the fuses in the engine bay fuse board and in the cabin..all look there anywhere else to check...??
  9. Thread Of The Week 35, August, 2014

    Thread of the Week nominations
    Re: scenic 2 1.5 dci air con.. I found this post on "Re: scenic 2 1.5 dci air con.." interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Thread Of The Week 32, August, 2014"
  10. scenic 2 1.5 dci air con..

    Heating & cooling
    Just had my scenic"s air con checked and charged up but the system isn't working. .switch light is on when pressed but nothing. Guy at ats said it could hopefully be a fuse.. Any help would be appreciated in finding said fuse or fuses as looking at the haynes manual it could have 3?? Is it the...
1-10 of 10 Results