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  1. Hi just registered

    Welcome to RenaultForums
  2. Engine flush

    Hi the noise you are describing could be the dephaser pulley fitted to the inlet cam if your model has one ?
  3. Aux belt

    Hi the pump is secured by 5 bolts to the engine block and the pulley is secured by 3 bolts to the pump.Just curious why are you replacing the water pump?
  4. Is my clio 8v or 16v

    Hi if the picture is the engine from your vehicle,your engine is 8V . Usually K7M engine
  5. Renault build quality?

    Cars & motoring
    and merc A class too! and dont forger merc also have a rebadged kangoo in the commercial range! A lot of garages are just anti french!!
  6. Twingo 2010 clutch cable

    Hi are the usual fault with twingos is .hope this helps
  7. Scenic (2003) relays

    Hi centre two relays starting from the bottom are engine cooling fan low and high speed relays.Right hand side starting from the bottom are air con relay ,engine control and fuel fuel pump relays.The air con fault could just be the system is low on gas?
  8. ford fiesta coolant leak **Now Sorted**

    Other makes
    As already posted what make is the part? Ive seen lots of cheap unknown makes fail.
  9. ford fiesta coolant leak **Now Sorted**

    Other makes
    Hi you need one of these TRW HEATER CONTROL VALVE FORD FIESTA KA AND PUMA ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT | eBay .Hope this helps :smile2:
  10. newbie

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Welcome :smile2:
  11. Espace cooling part identification please

    Heating & cooling
    The description just says Reservoir.Its on the return side back to the expansion bottle,one inlet and one outlet back to the expansion bottle:surprise:
  12. Espace cooling part identification please

    Heating & cooling
    Hi the part number is 7700781008 but double check with your dealer first.They are about £50
  13. Clio MK3 High Level Brake Light

    Hi the bulb you need is W16W
  14. Super 5 valve stem seal problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi they cost about £2 each from the dealer.If they are still available ,im starting to struggle finding parts for my 5
  15. wind coil springs

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi try and find a supplier that sells SUPLEX springs.had the same problem for a Twingo GT. (similar set up )
  16. Key fobs and Key cards

    Renault dealer best place to buy really.You usually need to provide proof of ownership of the car.
  17. Throttle cable **Sorted**

    Hi the part number you have quoted appears to be incorrect for your car.Get the dealer to double check it
  18. Clio 2003 oil type

    Suitable for your engine.:smile2:
  19. Clio 2003 oil type

    10w40 semi syn RN spec oil will be fine for your engine.
  20. New Member

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    welcome >:)
1-20 of 497 Results