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  1. How many points on your licence?

    Currently 0, I fear it could be 3 soon - driving home this evening I pulled onto a road which starts with a long bend. I came round the Apex to see a Van with blue lights and Police on the front in the normal livery. Lifted off and glanced at my speedo, and IIRC, it was an indicated about 37...
  2. which clios the best

    General Chat
    :crazy: That is just beyond ridiculous! You must have something or a number of things going against you for that! I paid half that on my 1.4 Clio at 18! Your first years NCB should see that drop by at least a grand I'd say but deard god that is a scary figure for a 1.2! My old 1.4 16v Auto...
  3. Seat Leon buying advice

    Other makes
    :forehead: Thanks Paul! :d
  4. Seat Leon buying advice

    Other makes
    Well I signed on the dotted line shortly before 1PM this afternoon :d The test drive seemed OK though I'll admit my Dad drove it as I wasn't feeling overly confident cos of it not being mine, being bigger than the Clio - I need some time with it myself to adjust. Dad, on the other hand is used...
  5. Seat Leon buying advice

    Other makes
    Thanks Dave :) I know the turbos aren't overly strong but then as you say it seems that isn't a rare problem across any marque! It is the older PD lump, so slightly noisier but I'd imagine fairly bullet proof. I was looking at a Bora 1.9 TDI beforehand but then managed to stretch my budget...

    General Chat
    Yep - looks like it was about to be completely stripped, so was found in the nick of time! (No pun intended :d)]Clicky Great news
  7. Seat Leon buying advice

    Other makes
    Off to see this Seat Leon 2.0 TDI Sport DSG on Tuesday, and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what they are like in general? It has 48k on the clock (according to the dealer's site) and there's no mention of SH, MOT or Tax, so I will be querying that on the day, I know there are two...
  8. Where do I stand with regards to Occupation?

    Hi all, Due to be looking at a Seat Leon (another advice thread to follow :d) on Tuesday and was wondering where I stand with regards to Insurance. I'm currently insured as a Full-time Uni student, with my secondary occupation as a Computer Technician as I'm registered as Self Employed having...

    General Chat
    Didn't realise it had already been posted. Last I heard it had been spotted in Warrington! If that's true, the Police need to pull their fingers out!
  10. Manual or Automatic?

    Slightly biased, but Auto all the way for me. I think the quick take-up and evolution of Twin clutch boxes has definitely lessened the "Auto's suck" mindset - it's still there, just not as much.
  11. 5 star ncap rating tested on the M11

    General Chat
    Looking at it Dave, I'm guessing the driver might have needed new driver seat upholstery too :crazy: Absolutely no deformation to the passenger compartment at all - got to give credit to Renault here, they certainly do know how to keep drivers safe.
  12. We Have Lift Off

    General Chat
    Going to be brutal here and say it serves him right. 19, inexperienced, and speeding at 100mph in a car obviously not suitable for his age (as the video shows). I have an uncle in New Jersey and he pointed out the huge amount of 'stangs etc. on the roads and told us they called them KK's, or...
  13. Bouncy in second gear when cold?

    Hey Harry, thanks for the reply :) Yep, she is indeed an Auto and therefore the "chocolate teapot" that is the DPO :o I know how the box is adaptive and it does work how it should, depending on how heavy my right foot is :d (which isn't that often, I'm very attentive to letting the engine and...
  14. Bouncy in second gear when cold?

    Hey guys, Got a slight issue with the Clio, hoping it's not too serious as I'm planning on changing cars any time after November so would prefer not to have to spend out too much! Upon starting from completely cold, moving off is fine as is first gear but once she slips into second things...
  15. Premier League Fantasy Football

    I'm in, I'll plummet downwards, but I'm in :d
  16. A Laptop Problem

    Computer Club
    Sounds like the tap sensitivity in the Synaptics driver (which Infiltrator2K is right to update to the latest :) ) needs to be lowered, maybe have a play with some of settings within it too.
  17. Drink Driver

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Aye, seen one or two of those before, just thought the pic looked a bit fuzzy/pixelated and wondered if it had been tinkered with. Very impressive IMO, great advertising.
  18. Drink Driver

    Jokes & funny stuff
    :p Found it on a friends Facebook, thought it was worth sharing. Now I've seent he odd "Lorry Art" pic where beer has been the subject but never something as good as this. Very clever IMO. However, now, the more I look at it the more I think it's some clever Photoshopping instead
  19. Insurance claim question: After-fit accessories

    Glad your Wife's OK Horatio :) Random thought - you say there are no witnesses that were willing to stop - any idea if there are any CCTV cameras in the area that may have erroneously caught it?
  20. My megane 1.4 16v 2006 induction kit???

    Good point Don! Depending on whether the engine is the same as it is in other models with the 1.4 16v (even possibly down to a previous Mk of Megane or Clio) an IK for one of these may fit. Could be worth giving the likes of K&N or Pipercross a call.
1-20 of 465 Results