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  1. clio mk2 1.4 16v privalige juddering

    I had similar symptons on my car. Fortunately compression check showed ok. (Quick to do) Do you think in any way this could be related to the timing belt change or just coincidental.
  2. espace electric handbrake not releasing

    Hi, Sorry to hear about this - I had the engine replaced in mine also. Can you take it back to whoever did the engine replacement.
  3. Espace rear wash route Help

    Hi, I think it runs along the drivers side and ends up above boot quarter window. I remember mine failing once on a mk3. It was the non return valve.
  4. New Espace 2003 owner questions

    Cars & motoring
    You may be able to get a replacement remote from ebay. Must admit only used mine once - mainly use steering wheel controls. Let the kids use it once (never again) almost crashed when volume went through the roof.
  5. Espace IV Dashboard failure

    If you are looking for a replacement dashboshard it is worth looking on ebay - I have seen a couple. Search on Espace Dash.
  6. renault espace problems

    If you unplug the instrument panel only, does this effect the operation of the lights.
  7. renault espace problems

    Just a thought is the dash that came with the car definately the one to suit that car. Could have been put in as a replacement. I guess the part numbers would confirm that.
  8. Espace 2007 tyre wear

    Wheels & tyres
    kezua, Thats worried me a bit, i've got the same. I thought a tyre was legal as long as it had aprox 3/4 across the width of good tread.
  9. Repairing plastic panels

    Is it an option to send the parts back to the breakers and get a refund. I would of thought it unlikely that they were damaged in transit.
  10. Lights dimming...

    Does it do it at the same time something else is kicking in e.g. radiator fan, air con if you have it?
  11. Espace 2.2dci engine failures - inherent design fault?

    I think you may be getting the record for a highest mileage 2.2 dci espace.
  12. door lock/catch sticks open during frosty mornings

    Is it the rubber gasket near the hinge end getting jammed? i.e sticks to handle and pulls it away from door
  13. Espace 2.2dci engine failures - inherent design fault?

    My engine had to be replaced at 47000, car is now 84000 - so I guess I should be expecting it to go any time soon. Has been behaving (engine wise) for the past 2 years so don't know whether to stick with it or change it while its working. This years repairs: Dashboard failure - £50 Front...
  14. Cleaning seats

    On headlining try baby wet wipes
  15. Stop & Battery warning lights coming on / Aircon

    Sorry ignore my reply it was meant for another thread.
  16. Stop & Battery warning lights coming on / Aircon

    I would disconect it for now and check all the fuses for a start
  17. Espace IV Dashboard failure

    There are places you can send the dashboard to for repair for aprox £100. Believe it or not it is a very easy procedure to remove. I would reccomend a place called Revtronic, they are based in Bradford. There are other places that do it and you can drive there also and have it done while you...
  18. help !!! laguna 2 1.9 dci 120 nightmare

    Either way at the moment it needs to be a plan that doesn't involve driving the car. I still would have thought a local garage could diagnose the fault on behalf of the garage in Liverpool. You could enquire about joining the AA and tell them you need you car taking back to Liverpool. Nigel
  19. Espace MK4 - HOWTO Replace the Front Indicator Bulbs

    It is possible to change them without lifting out the headlight units - just a very tight squeeze. ---but very useful info anyway.
  20. Seat belt warning stopped working

    Snap - my passenger warning does not work on 2004 espace (warning symbol and beep). I have not found any obvious loose connections. I wonder if it is the sensor that detects if someone is sitting on the seat.
1-20 of 463 Results