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  1. Will JB Weld etc hold engine mount bolt ?

    Pete, please stop starting new threads for the same issue. Already had my thoughts in there.
  2. windscreen washer motor def. on a Clio III 2007

    I'm not 100% on the Clio 3 but often access to washer bottle and pump is through the wheel arch. Wheel off and inner arch covers. If same as the Scenic II the pump is then hidden on the wrong side but is simply a pull out...don't lose the O Ring.
  3. Stop the Car

    I must admit I was wondering similar but at end of the day, the car is in a metal box, in a tunnel. I'd be surprised if it was seeing any position. And even if it did think it was in the English Channel, why a red Stop warning ?
  4. Stop the Car

    Hmmmm Red Stop and beeping when driving I would strongly suspect brake fluid level... Check it but doubt that is the case here. Pure guess otherwise. It takes about 20 minutes for the car to totally shut down. Even after it has been locked. Prior to that it is checking things like wheels. I'm...
  5. Stop the Car

    Has the warning gone away? Any other issues or repeats after you left the train? I assume that you were still with the car and it wasn't locked ?
  6. Happy birthday and wedding anniversary ..what a greedy boy you are..

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    Get away with you Phil. You just like the wooly jumpers.
  7. What's made you grumpy today.

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    Here ya go Phil.
  8. We Are Now Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    The really stupid thing is that there is that sort of forum restriction here. But the goal posts were changed so that now, as long as someone has accrued enough points to be called Premium, they get access to places that used to be Platinum or above. There are premium members with very few posts...
  9. Last person to post...

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    Piggin draughty in 'ere wiv the doors open. Last

    Two separate issues. The immobiliser circuit could have got confused with the battery removal.... if so, the red light should show that it is not recognising the key. For that matter, the key could be damaged, try the spare. Lost wire... if you look at the battery terminals, there are often...

    When you last put the battery on, you didn't "lose" a wire from the terminals by any chance ? Immobiliser issues would be shown by the red light..... still flashing or solid red ??
  12. Dave

    Jokes & funny stuff
  13. Child Car Seat For Clio 2

    Clio The Isofix system should allow any suitable seat to fitted, it is an EU standard after all. However there are 3 types of Isofix seat. Universal which should fit any Isofit car and would use a top tether as well as the fixings Semi Universal which uses a prop...
  14. Whistling Scenic

    It does sound like it. Surprised it seems to coming from the rear door area but access to the pump is under the rear seat so should be relatively easy to confirm if it is the pump. Could also simply be the normal pump noise and wife has abnormally sensitive hearing for the pitch produced... they...
  15. Grand Scenic Mk3 rear brake pad replacement.

    Erk !!! Mk3 is the calipers with the piggyback motors ??? Yes they should be driven back electrically !! Dunno if you have bust it but does it work still? Any error messages ?? By rights you should use a suitable diagnostic tool via the OBD2 port. We have been told that if you disconnect the...
  16. Mapping

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    No need to shout. Any chance of telling us how ?
  17. Last person to post...

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    A pen1s and a gun have much in common. Wave either around in public and someone will call the cops. Last
  18. 2006 Espace IV Electronic Handbrake Gremlins

    Obviously wasn't working properly before the indy got into it as there was an error code. Which is not to say that they haven't c0cked summat up. Or that they have cleared the error properly but now the underlying issue has raised its head. Keep an open mind. These units are prone to fail as...
  19. Whistling Scenic

    Is it there when stationary or only when moving ??
1-20 of 182 Results