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  1. Stop the Car

    a bit more info about the vehicle might help
  2. Back wiper clio mk4

    if your reverse light is coming on too, you need to check and clean earths, which would seem strange on such a new car
  3. Car engine doesn't turn off

    Replace the batteries in key fob?
  4. Replacing drivers door handle and mechanism

    Yeah you can take the handle apart and swap that bit over

    Other makes
    What is that you need to know? My car manuals always sit around collecting dust, have needed one for anything
  6. Check anti pollution system ?

    And meanwhile, swap the senosrs.......
  7. Key

    Have you tried your spare keycard
  8. Alloys for my Clio.

    Cars & motoring
    You need to find out of the PCB is the same, and work out the difference in offset then
  9. Alloys for my Clio.

    Cars & motoring
    I think you have 5 studs? they have 4
  10. Check anti pollution system ?

    Could also try swapping the sensors over
  11. Check anti pollution system ?

    I would have a look at the after Cat one, remove it clean it up, and maybe check the connectors on both sensors ect
  12. Clio iii Tweeters

    if there is power getting to them, it seems a bit strange, only thing i can think of is the Headunit is not set up for them, and you would have to try the next model up. personally i would not bother :p
  13. Returning Clio PCP acceptable damage/wear

    Cars & motoring
    Never dealt with them, but would thought they will try and screw you how ever possible. Would have though you could polish out some of the scuff on what looks like the top of back bumper, you could try and get one of the pen repair kits, and see if you can hide the smaller nicks
  14. Access to rear seats

    General Chat
    I should imagine they resolved it by mending the mechs, have a look under the seats to see if the cable has came loose
  15. 2006 Espace dash lights

    I would go and get it plugged into a code reader
  16. Renault Scenic Front End Knocking Noises

    Misleading thread, when title says central locking problem......
  17. Wheel came off

    Wheels & tyres
    If the wheel fell off due to loose bolts, i would think you might have some sort of come back,but the bearing failing that badly is unlucky, and can not blame the mechanic
  18. Clio 2017 TPMS

    You will have metal valve stems if they are built in TPMS
  19. Clio 2017 TPMS

    Wheels are wheels lol, they just fit the TPMS into the new ones
  20. fitting cone air filter 09 plate clio dynamique

    LOL, he will gain exactly 0 BHP, might even loose some, due to heat soak
1-20 of 199 Results