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  1. Clio Mk2 Ph1 Air Intake Funnel

    Looking for the Air Intake Pipe Funnel / scoop from a 1.4 8v Clio Must be undamaged and in exc condition - The Bayonet lugs around the funnel that twist-locks behind Passenger headlight must be strong and none missing. Happy to pay a sensible price inc P&P to Norfolk via PayPal. Pics of item...
  2. Hello Again, It’s Been a while......

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, Been a few years since I last came on here with pics of my Ol’ Clio, since then, got Married and have 2 kiddies and moved house....... but one thing hasn’t changed...... I still have my Ol’ Clio 🙂 Now 20 years old and owned for the last 13 years now....... Done a bit of work on it...
  3. Clio ABS light random ? ***Sorted***

    Re: Clio ABS light random ? You could try checking the connectors under the front seats - known to sometimes cause ABS light to come on randomly - check they're completely pushed in / connected.
  4. Hello again! It's been a long time!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hope to contribute more this time around - but since my last time here, moved house, got married, had a little boy and in 3 months will be a Dad again it's been busy! Still got my Clio after all this time and just become a member of the Official Renault Owners Club. Hope to post a few New pics...
  5. Clio Mk2 Parcel Shelf

    Interior styling
    Is there Anyone out there can help me find or can help me with the part number for this Parcel Shelf - there must be a member out there who has one that help me with the part number?:(
  6. What is a Car Mod or Not ??

    I installed an aftermarket armrest in my Clio and notified my insurer as it is classed as an interior modification - but what I did was install it before the start of a new policy and added it before the new quote - insurers love to charge you £25 to update your policy mid-term :mad:
  7. Clio mk 2 windscreen washer pump dead

    The washer will probably either stay on the tube that is on the pump, or lay in the washer bottle recess where the pump pushes into - I only warned you because the first time I replaced the pump, the washer dropped off the pump and fell in the engine bay and took ages with a torch to find it...
  8. Clio mk 2 windscreen washer pump dead

    Never had to when I've replaced mine (nor when I took them out of Clios at the local scrappy)
  9. Daylight lights

    My DRL's Are wired to come on when the car is started, but when either the sidelights or main headlights (high or low) they turn themselves off. The kit came wired with a + & - leads to go to battery and a third that is connected to the sidelight wiring so when power goes to sidelights, the...
  10. Clio mk 2 windscreen washer pump dead

    I have the Mk2 Ph1 but think the Mk2 Ph2 are the same. Anyway, open the bonnet, got to the passenger side corner next to the scuttle panel there is a plastic mesh with a plastic push stud fixing - pressin the centre gently and it should pop up when pulled out. Gently lift up mesh / scuttle...
  11. My clean modified Renault Clio

    Nice Green Clio - Always fond of this colour - Reminds me of another one I see regularly...
  12. Latest Pics of my 1999 Mk2 Ph1 Clio...

    My mottah!
    Surprised people have looked at my Ol' Clio while I've been away! Still have the very same Clio and done a few cosmetic mods & lowered it slightly but still looks tidy for 16 year old Clio (was 9 years old when these original pics were posted!) where has the time gone? New Pictures in due...
  13. Jon's Clio

    My mottah!
    Nice Looking Clio - I love Green Clios! Though honestly I am a little Biased!
  14. my little Clio :D

    My mottah!
    Nice little Clio there - love the colour too!
  15. I'm back! And with another Renault

    My mottah!
    Looks a Tidy Clio - I've always wanted a 2litre but with one little boy and another due in 3 months, money's tight so I'll stick with my 1.4 .....
  16. Radiosat 6000 rejecting CD's

    In-car entertainment
    My Clock is below the instrument panel (Speedo / Revs) and not on the lcd display above the centre console (I know some centre consoles have both clock & cd track/radio station but mine only showed the track no or radio station - no clock function. So sorry, I don't know whether you lose the...
  17. Clio Mk2 Parcel Shelf

    Interior styling
    I'm looking for a mint condition (Clean and undamaged) Grey Parcel Shelf for a Clio Mk2 (ph1 & ph2) but not just the standard one - I've seen in the past, a parcel shelf identical to the standard one on top, however on the underside there is a Grey Leatherette Zipped compartment. I found one...
  18. Water after rain in door card

    Probably just needs another window seal???
  19. Radiosat 6000 rejecting CD's

    In-car entertainment
    Yes, I have lost the display but at the end of the day, the Cd Tuner has a display on it anyway! I just had fun getting the steering wheel control to work with the New CD player! I had an Alpine Head Unit installed by Halfords but they couldn't get the steering wheel controls to work with it -...
  20. Front of Clio II smashed, what parts will i need for repair HELP

    I had a similar prang a few years back in my Clio, except I needed a bumper, slam panel, headlight, minor repair to bonnet paintwork, re spray to wing where paint cracked & labour costs to check for leaks to radiator etc - came to £1200 for original parts (new), paint & Labour - just paid my...
1-20 of 33 Results