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Scenic Megane Auto 2.0l
Registered May 1998 and owned by me since Feb 2004.

Had some issues around 6 years ago with the auto gear box 'banging' between gear changes especially when stuck in queuing traffic and barely moving. When moving off, the gear box would 'bite' or 'hold' and then 'clunk' into the gear it was moving into (e.g. 1st to 2nd albeit automatically). This seems to have been solved by the addition of oil into the sealed gear box by a specialist auto gear box garage.

Currently, the main issue is:
1) the engine cuts out when the car is at low speeds / revs e.g. approaching a junction or roundabout. From what I have read so far - could be coils, sparks, throttle body issue?

Other issues but less pressing:
2) front left passenger window - needs a replacement regulator - as cannot open this using electric buttons. Have ordered a replacement from ebay and hopefully will resolve this issue very soon.
3) the heaters and air-con - I don't think they work pointing at the different locations e.g. windscreen; also unless I leave the recirculate button on (red light showing) the passenger vent makes a strange clicking noise every few seconds.
1998 Renault Scenic Megane Auto 2.0l (silver)


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