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Bought with questionable history and received information from Renault. having had much of its work carried out, last known matter ( though they didn't share every thing) was in September 2012. then the next known services was in September 2015... though the pollen filter was generally a lot of leaves.

Bought with a misfire, person saying injector fault.. not saying it had had diesel in it.. and the misfire was there, blocked injectors, VVT Solenoid failure and pulley?, TB faulty, but everything else working fine.......

The good looking car, poor engine...

So time for a change up.... The wrecker....
Bought a Ropey car, BAD Body ( well front and back home spray job.... need I say more, faulty electronics, but good engine. only 70K on the clock.(allegedly). BUT OMG shame in driving this thing! ( yes that bad)
car was not firing correctly and had ONE CP changed and TB, obviously change them all prior to purchase engine fixed much to the disappointment of the seller who had given up on it..
Electronic brake error, works but something not right. appears ( feels) like rear calliper binding. also brake fault due to clutch switch failure.
Error with windows... the usual, one sticky and no fan blower, not so nice on a hot day....

there are working rear parking sensor
engine changes... mine having 98K donner having 70.
2006 Renault Dynamique (Yellow)


Engine replacement, possible upgrades engine 120BHP as its only a 1.6 VVT.
Remap is always possible.
Sports intake manifold is one comes up.. polished of course.
Air box change so its more ruddy simple to change the air filter!
rear under seat boxes, sure there not there!
Clean or replace head liner.. ( drink spray marks)
Replace driver seat ( odd hole in side, looks like wear, but not normal!)

Privacy rear windows

Fix emergency brake, as yellow handle has been pulled off.
rear parking sensors
Bumper caps to be satin black. as well as side plastics which are a little grey looking... (etched and painted of course)
Silver handles to come of and be repainted, there is thinning on most of them or marks..

Retouch the scratches and marks all round.
replace back bumper and check for any rear damage. ( due to miner bumper damage)
OSR rear light replacement ( due to minor chip to corner)

Fix spare wheel holder ( which is missing)
Maybe boy racer exhaust, prefer DTM twin pipe.. we will see, my suppliers gone :(

Custom under skirts and cowls (one off car!)
Seems OKAY I have a kapper competition series sub, if required, but may just change the unit as its annoying how it tunes in! May upgrade speaker system.
DVD players.

( sound proof wall so to not her the kids!! Joke! ... Maybe!)
Wheel and Tire
Like the steppe alloys prices around £120 used with good tyres, they are from around the 07 + range.

My tyre choice hasn't been made with the car yet as I like to get to know the car first. to select patterns and hardness of the tyres rubbers and also pressures as it all makes a difference...



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