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Scenic II Expression
Graphite or something
September 2016 - Replaced Coil
Service October 2017
September 2018 - the car starts shuddering, and acts like fuel starvation... Took to garage, and they replaced the Coil
Didn't help... back again, and they cannot find anything wrong.
I can predict now when it will happen and that is when the outside temperature is higher than ambient. above 25C.
Took back again, and same story, could not find anything, but replaced the fuel filter.
Didn't help, took back to garage, this is 5th time.
They experienced it, and said it was the fuel pump. So that was replaced.
And I was so happy, but it was the same, the minute it gets hot the car shudders, the power gets less and less, and you cannot put your foot on the fuel. IT goes more and more slowly. If uphill, it eventually cuts out. Then wait for 5-10 minutes, it will start and go a bit before it starts again. If downhills, then can coast in neutral and eventually get where I am going.
What now?
2003 Renault Scenic II Expression (Graphite or something)


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